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CDRouter 9.3 Release Notes

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Release History

Release Type Release Number Release Date
Original CDRouter 9.3 Build 1 September 29, 2015
Maintenance release 1 CDRouter 9.3 Build 2 October 15, 2015
Maintenance release 2 CDRouter 9.3 Build 3 October 16, 2015
Maintenance release 3 CDRouter 9.3 Build 5 November 4, 2015
Maintenance release 4 CDRouter 9.3 Build 7 November 24, 2015
Maintenance release 5 CDRouter 9.3 Build 10 December 7, 2015
Maintenance release 6 CDRouter 9.3 Build 11 January 15, 2016
Maintenance release 7 CDRouter 9.3 Build 12 February 4, 2016
Maintenance release 8 CDRouter 9.3 Build 13 February 29, 2016

Note: CDRouter 9.3 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Old config files can be automatically upgraded to include all new CDRouter 9.3 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

CDRouter 9.3 Build 1 September 29, 2015

New Features and Enhancements

CDRouter Performance

  • New Performance add-on for CDRouter!

    We are pleased to announce a brand new add-on for CDRouter - CDRouter Performance! Check out our website for more information.

CDRouter TR-069

  • New test module for verifying wireless configuration via TR-069

    The new tr69_wireless test module verifies that the DUT’s integrated wireless access point, if present, can be configured via TR-069. This module includes a number of test cases that each verify a specific wireless configuration and security settings, including basic wireless, 40 and 104 bit WEP, WPA pre-shared key, WPA2 pre-shared key, and mixed WPA/WPA2 pre-shared key. In addition to configuring the DUT, each test also verifies that CDRouter’s wireless client can connect to and pass traffic through the in that configuration.

    A full description of the test cases included in this module can be found here.

  • New test case for verifying NTP server settings via TR-069

    The tr69_410 test case verifies the NTP server configuration and time settings of the DUT via TR-069. This test case is based on test 5.1.2 in the Broadband Forum’s ID-181 test plan.

New Test Modules and Test Cases

CDRouter TR-069

  • New TR-069 wireless test module

    MODULE: tr69_wireless
    DESCRIPTION: TR-069 tests for wifi interfaces
  • New TR-069 test for verifying NTP configuration

    TEST: tr69_410
    MODULE: tr69
    DESCRIPTION: Verify NTP server configuration and time settings

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • A bug has been fixed where several tests were incorrectly displaying the LCP ID in the log messages, which caused the IDs to not match those in the packet description or packet decode. The affected tests are cdrouter_l2tp_50, cdrouter_l2tp_230, cdrouter_pppoa_client_50, cdrouter_pppoa_client_230, cdrouter_pppoe_client_50, cdrouter_pppoe_client_230, cdrouter_pptp_50, and cdrouter_pptp_230.

  • The IGD1 tests in the upnp and upnp-v6 test modules have been updated to be more compatible IGD2 devices.

  • The forwardUnknown feature has been obsoleted and removed from CDRouter.

  • If an ARP is sent with a source IP of, a warning is no longer displayed in the test log file. This is considered normal behavior according to RFC 5227.

  • If a dynamic wanMode is selected and lanInterface is set to “none” and the relevant connectOnDemand testvar is set to yes, a configuration error is now raised, since a LAN interface is needed to trigger the WAN interface. This error was not previously caught.

CDRouter IPv6

  • A bug has been fixed where several tests were incorrectly displaying the LCP ID in the log messages, which caused the IDs to not match those in the packet description or packet decode. The affected tests are ipv6_pppoe_client_50 and ipv6_pppoe_client_230.

  • The ipv6_lan_mp_40 test case has been updated to resolve an invalid checksum issue in certain NDP packets that could prevent the test from running as expected.

  • When ipv6WanMode is set to PPPoE, the ipv6_ndp_41 test is now skipped.

CDRouter TR-069

  • A bug has been fixed where the tests tr69_120, tr69_210, and tr69_220 were not being skipped when lanInterface was set to none. These tests require a LAN interface to be present, so they must be skipped if there is not one defined.

  • Resolved a potential fatal error with the od128_test_1.3 test case in situations where the DUT closes the TCP connection for the CWMP session prematurely. This test has been hardened to work better with devices that exhibit this behavior.

CDRouter 9.3 Build 3 October 15, 2015

New Features and Enhancements


  • New custom report template columns

    CDRouter’s custom test report templates can now include the %TESTCASE_FAILREASON% and %TESTCASE_FAILREASON_FIRSTTRY% fields, to provide a brief summary explaining why a test failed. This can aid in comparing tests to see if multiple failures occur for the same reason, or in comparing current results to past behavior. See the “Report Templates” section of the CDRouter User Guide for more details.

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • Prior to this release, the default value of the lanMac testvar was the MAC address of the physical interface. Now, the default value is based on the cdrouterOui testvar. Also, for lanMac, wanMac, lanDmzHostMac, and dhcpClientReservedMac, if a value is explicitly set, it can no longer be the same as the MAC address of a physical interface.

  • CDRouter can create a maximum of 64 wireless stations on each interface that supports wireless virtualization. As a result, the cdrouter_scale_10 test case will now be skipped if CDRouter is unable to create enough clients to fully exhaust the DUT’s DHCP pool.

  • A bug was fixed where CDRouter was not handling DNS responses with A or AAAA records containing a data length of 0.

CDRouter TR-069

  • Many of CDRouter’s data model “Profile” tests have been updated to no longer verify parameters that are not defined in the profile currently under test. This affects all tests with the description, “Verify Profile using GetParameterValues for all GetParameterNames full paths”. Previously, these tests would send GetParameterValues requests for all parameters contained in the DUT’s GetParameterNamesResponse, regardless of whether they were defined in the Profile.

CDRouter Performance

  • Fixed a defect which caused peformance tests to fail if vlan ids were configured.

  • Enhanced latency measurement procedure to get more accurate results for the IPv4 and IPv6 bidirectional latency performance test cases perf_9 and ipv6_perf_9.

CDRouter 9.3 Build 3 October 16, 2015

Bug Fixes and Notes

CDRouter Performance

  • Fixed a frame size defect on NTA1000v2 and v3 platforms when using vlans.

CDRouter 9.3 Build 5 November 4, 2015

New Features and Enhancements


  • Support for IGMP snooping

    CDRouter’s mcast test module has been updated to support bridge devices that implement IGMP snooping. IGMP snooping is a technique most commonly used in switches to monitor IGMP traffic and determine which links need which multicast streams.

    CDRouter now supports IGMP snooping only when testing devices operating in bridge mode. To verify IGMP snooping behavior on a switch or other bridging device using CDRouter, the testvar forwardingMode must be set to bridge. Likewise the testvar multicastType must be set to proxy, which indicates to CDRouter that the DUT support IGMP snooping:

        testvar forwardingMode           bridge
        testvar multicastType            proxy

    CDRouter’s IGMP snooping support is currently limited to IPv4 multicast only. Support for IPv6 multicast snooping (aka MLD snooping) will be added to a future release of CDRouter.

  • Support for testing SIP when SIP ALG functionality is disabled

    Most modern CPE include a SIP ALG. While typically useful, in some environments a SIP ALG can do more harm than good. As a result, providers will often recommend disabling the CPE’s SIP ALG entirely to resolve service or voice quality related issues.

    Historically CDRouter’s sip-alg and sip-alg-tcp test modules were skipped when the testvar supportsSipAlg was set to a value of no. This release updates the sip-alg and sip-alg-tcp test modules to support testing of CPE devices with no SIP ALG or that have SIP ALG functionality disabled.

    When the testvar supportsSipAlg is set to no the sip-alg and sip-tcp-alg test modules will now verify that translation of SIP headers does not occur and that the CPE can still handle multiple simultaneous SIP calls in this environment.

  • Support for many new SSL cipher suites added

    CDRouter’s SSL library has been updated to support a number of additional cipher suites. These ciphers will be available when running the ssl test module. Please see the sslDeprecatedCiphers testvar for a complete list of the ciphers now supported.

    Note that some ciphers are only supported with certain versions of SSL and are not backwards compatible with older versions. The sslDeprecatedProtocols testvar must be configured properly to run the ssl test module with ciphers that have specific SSL version requirements.

    For example, the NULL-SHA256 cipher is only supported for TLS v1.2. To run the ssl test module using this cipher, the list of deprecated protocols must include all SSL versions except TLS v1.2:

        testvar sslDeprecatedProtocols           "sslv2 sslv3 tlsv1 tlsv1_1"
        testvar sslDeprecatedCiphers             "NULL-SHA256"

    This configuration will verify that the DUT does not allow incoming TLS v1.2 connections with the NULL-SHA256 cipher.

    Please see the OpenSSL site for more information on the cipher suites available and their SSL version dependencies.

CDRouter TR-069

  • Support for many new SSL cipher suites on ACS

    The SSL update mentioned above has been carried over to CDRouter’s ACS which now supports these new cipher suites as well. The acsCipherSuite testvar provides a complete list of the ciphers now supported.

    Note that the testvar acsSslVersion must be enabled and configured properly to test ciphers that require specific versions of SSL.

    For example, to configure the ACS to use the NULL-SHA256 cipher, which requires TLS v1.2, the following configuration must be used:

        testvar acsSslVersion              "tlsv1_2"
        testvar acsCipherSuite             "NULL-SHA256"

    This configuration will force the ACS to accept only incoming connections using TLS v1.2 and the NULL-SHA256 cipher. All other connections will be rejected.

CDRouter Storage

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • CDRouter now sets the Type of Service (TOS) field for all transmitted IGMP packets to 0xc0 as defined in section 4 of RFC 3376. Prior to this release CDRouter set this field to 0x00.

  • The cdrouter_dos_30 and cdrouter_dos_32 test cases have been updated to exclude all CDRouter LAN test interface IP addresses from the test logic. This change prevents any spoofed packets from being sent using CDRouter’s LAN IP addresses which resolves an ARP cache poisoning issue which prevented the tests from running properly in some scenarios.

  • Fixed a defect in the configuration checker that incorrectly allowed the value none for wanInterface.

  • Resolved an issue with the creation of test result archives from Firefox.

CDRouter IPv6

  • The dhcpv6-c test module can now be run if the testvar ipv6LanMode is set to a value of none.

CDRouter TR-069

  • Numerous fixes have been made to the new tr69_wireless test module. These tests now examine the DUT’s data model and attempt to learn which WLANConfiguration object is being used for the AP configuration, as opposed to always using “InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.WLANConfiguration.1.” The amount of time CDRouter waits before validating the new wireless settings has also been increased from 10 to 60 seconds which improves compatibility with certain devices that start sending wifi beacons before the AP is fully operational.

  • In multi-service gateway configurations CDRouter now installs DNS entries for the default ACS domain name of on all DNS servers. Prior to this release DNS entries for were only added to to the DNS servers attached to the primary WAN interface.

CDRouter Live

  • Fixed an issue when closing the TLS tunnel between a CDRouter system and a CDRouter Live server, that could prevent the establishment of the next TLS connection between the two systems.

CDRouter 9.3 Build 7 November 24, 2015

New Features and Enhancements

CDRouter Performance

  • Support for PPPoE

    Added the capability to run the Performance tests over PPPoE on the WAN. This means that the IPv4 Performance test module will no longer be skipped when wanMode is set to PPPoE. It also means that the IPv6 Performance test module will no longer be skipped when ipv6WanMode is set to PPPoE.

  • Added wireless-performance testvar_group to configuration file

    Added a new testvar_group within the Performance Settings section to allow setting wireless performance settings different from wired settings. Specifically, setting bandwidth target and threshold values.

    To get this new testvar_group to appear in your configuration you will need to upgrade you current configuration or make a new one after installing the latest release. Information on how to upgrade an existing config file can be found in this KB article.

    For more information on either of these new features, check out the Performance User Guide.

Bug Fixes and Notes

CDRouter IPv6

  • Resolved an issue with the WAN cleanup functionality that is implemented at the end of a test run when the testvar wanCloseOnExit is enabled. Previously the WAN PPPoE connection would only be torn down in dual stack configurations if the IPv4 WAN mode was PPPoE. Now the WAN PPPoE connection will be torn down if the IPv4 or IPv6 WAN mode is PPPoE.

CDRouter BBF.069

  • Resolved an issue reported in the *Reboot test case involving CDRouter’s ACS not properly processing empty posts sent by the DUT when closing a CWMP session. This issue was originally introduced with the initial release of CDRouter 9.3 and does not impact prior releases.

CDRouter Performance

  • Updated the bidirectional throughput tests perf_5, perf_6, ipv6_perf_5, and ipv6_perf_6 to measure and record the round trip time if the testvar perfPingEnable is enabled.

CDRouter 9.3 Build 10 December 7, 2015

New Features and Enhancements

CDRouter Nmap

  • Scan range now configurable

    The new testvar nmapPorts can be used to customize the scan range for CDRouter’s Nmap tests. This testvar can be defined as a mix of individual ports and port ranges:

    testvar nmapPorts 1-65535
    testvar nmapPorts 80,443,8080
    testvar nmapPorts 1-1000,9000-10000

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • Resolved an issue where abruptly terminating a CDRouter (buddy) process would prevent new test runs from starting. CDRouter will now free up any resourses at the start of a new test run that might have been allocated by a previous test that terminated unexpectedly.

CDRouter IPv6

  • The rfc6092_rec_8 test requires IPv6 DNS proxy support and is now automatically skipped if the testvar supportsDnsProxy is set to no, which indicates that the DUT does not support IPv6 DNS proxy functionality.

  • The ipv6_lan_mp_40 test case requires IPv6 unique local address (ULA) support and is now automatically skipped if the testvar supportsULA is set to no, which indicates that the DUT does not support ULA.

CDRouter Performance

  • Made improvements to the packet capture filtering mechanism assoicated with perfEnableCapture

  • CDRouter now automatically skips the perf-v6 test module when the IPv6 WAN mode is set to 6to4.

  • Resolved an issue where CDRouter would enable and send router advertisements on the WAN when the IPv6 WAN mode was 6to4 or 6rd.

  • CDRouter will now automatically stop any performance test if the DUT closes the WAN PPPoE session during the test.

  • Fixed a defect where the thresholds set in the wireless-performance testvar_group were not being used when a wireless interface was configured.

CDRouter 9.3 Build 11 January 15, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

CDRouter TR-069

  • Support for new CWMP profiles

    CDRouter’s profile definitions have been updated to include support for TR-157 Amendment 10 and TR-181i2 Amendment 10. This update adds support for the IPDR profiles defined in TR-232 as well as the MQTT client, MQTT broker, and ZigBee profiles. New profiles include:

    Test Module Profile
    tr157_profiles BulkDataHTTP
    tr157_profiles BulkDataCSVEncoding
    tr157_profiles BulkDataJSONEncoding
    tr157_profiles BulkDataReports
    tr181i2_profiles MQTTClientBase
    tr181i2_profiles MQTTClientExtended
    tr181i2_profiles MQTTClientSubscribe
    tr181i2_profiles MQTTBrokerBase
    tr181i2_profiles MQTTBrokerExtended
    tr181i2_profiles MQTTBrokerBridgeBase
    tr181i2_profiles ZigBeeInterface
    tr181i2_profiles ZigBeeStats
    tr181i2_profiles ZigBeeAssociatedDevices
    tr181i2_profiles ZigBeeDisc
    tr181i2_profiles ZDOBasic
    tr181i2_profiles ZDOAdv

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • Updated CDRouter’s wireless subsystem to improve compatibility with newer Linux kernels.

CDRouter IPv6

  • The slaac-wan test module can now be run when using PPPoE with autoconf on the WAN.

CDRouter TR-069

  • TR-143 Amendment 1 is defined exclusively for use with the Device:2 data model. As a result, CDRouter’s profile definitions for the Device:1 and InternetGatewayDevice:1 data models have been updated to remove TR-143 Amendment 1 specific profiles and parameters that were previously included.

  • Resolved a fatal error when running the tr69_410 test case against Device:2 implementations.

CDRouter Live

  • Resolved an intermittent race condition when connecting from CDRouter to its respective Live server.

CDRouter Performance

  • Made additional improvements to the packet capture filtering mechanism assoicated with perfEnableCapture for PPPoE and VLANs.

CDRouter NMap

  • Added the –reason switch to all NMap scans. This does not change the scans but does add the informational Reason column to the NMap scan report that is provided at the end of every test.

CDRouter 9.3 Build 12 February 4, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

CDRouter TR-069

  • acsCipherSuite testvar updates

    The acsCipherSuite now supports and defaults to a keyword value of auto, which forces CDRouter’s ACS to automatically select a compatible SSL cipher from the list of ciphers supported by the CWMP client. This update makes it easier to configure SSL when a specific cipher is not required.

  • New Upload RPC tests

    Two new tests have been added to the tr69 module: tr69_160 and tr69_170. The purpose of these tests is to exercise the Upload RPC with the following FileType arguments:

    3 Vendor Configuration File <i>
    4 Vendor Log File File <i>

    CDRouter will automatically query the Vendor Config File and Vendor Log File objects to determine which instance exists. This instance is then used by CDRouter when constructing the Upload RPC to send to the client.

    These tests were created because CDRouter’s existing Upload RPC tests use the following FileType arguments which were deprecated in TR-069 Amendment 3:

    1 Vendor Configuration File
    2 Vendor Log File File

    For compatibility with both older and newer clients both sets of tests have been provided.

New Test Modules and Test Cases

CDRouter TR-069

  • New TR-069 vendor config file upload test

    TEST: tr69_160
    MODULE: tr69
    DESCRIPTION: Verify vendor config file HTTP Upload using config file instance
  • New TR-069 vendor log file upload test

    TEST: tr69_170
    MODULE: tr69
    DESCRIPTION: Verify vendor log file HTTP Upload using config file instance

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • The dhcpv6_140 was fixed to only pass when a DUT correctly uses a retry period when it resends DHCP Solicit messages. The retry period should adhere to the appropriate back-off algorithm defined in RFC 3315. Previously, the test passed without checking that the time inbetween Solicit message retries was increasing appropriately.

  • The scaling test module has been updated to minimize the potential for dropped packets due to ARP storms by the DUT.

  • The cdrouter_scale_3 test case creates a ‘paired’ WAN server for each LAN client it creates. It uses a one-to-one mapping to ensure that each created LAN client can send a UDP packet to a unique server on the WAN. The ‘pool’ of WAN servers is defined by the ‘FreeNetwork’ range: FreeNetworkStart and FreeNetworkStop. This test has been edited to ensure that a WAN server is not created outside of the ‘FreeNetwork’ range.

  • The recommended minimum Linux kernel version for use with CDRouter is now 3.10. Future releases of CDRouter may not work on systems that do not have a 3.10+ Linux kernel. Please contact for more information.

  • CDRouter 9.3 is last major release that will support NTA1000v1 systems running Ubuntu Linux. Please contact for additional information and upgrade options.

CDRouter IPv6

  • The ipv6_ndp_31 test was updated to better handle cases when the DUT advertises unexpected prefixes on the LAN. Previously, this test could fail if the DUT advertised additional prefixes in addition to the expected prefix.

CDRouter TR-069

  • Clarified a confusing log message. Previously, the ACS logged that it was waiting for an empty POST message from the DUT when that message had already been received. The ACS now indicates that it is either waiting for an empty POST or the end of the TCP connection.

  • Updates were made to the od128_test_22.1 test procedure to correct errors contained in the original Broadband Forum OD-128 test specification. The original procedure called for the new SIP user agent’s URI to be “user@<IP-address-of-ACS>”, which is incorrect. This was changed to “sip:<user-id>”. The appropriate SetParameterValues parameters were updated to reflect this change.

  • Certain SSL ciphers are only supported in TLS v1.2. When the testvar acsSslVersion is set to tlsv1_2 CDRouter now includes a configuration check to verify that the SSL cipher suite selected for the ACS using the testvar acsCipherSuite is compatible with TLS v1.2.

  • CDRouter now accepts null values for hexBinary parameters.

  • CDRouter now correctly checks the length of the original (undecoded) base64 parameter value.

  • Modifed the following test cases: od128_test_10.2, od128_test_11.2, od128_test_15.3, od128_test_15.4, od128_test_16.4, od128_test_16.5, and od128_test_20.1. These tests were modified to properly use the value defined for acsInterface, in a multiport scenario when forwardingMode is set to bridge. The testvar acsInterface tells CDRouter on which WAN interface the ACS is configured.

  • Resolved an issue when trying to configure the ACS to use ECDHE ciphers. These ciphers are now supported by the ACS using CDRouter’s existing server certificates. Note that some ciphers (ECDH, DH) are not compatible with CDRouter’s existing server certificates which use RSA keys. A warning will now be displayed in the start log when the user configures a cipher that is not supported with CDRouter’s existing server certificates. To run tests with these ciphers alternate server certificates must be provided by the end user and loaded onto the system.

CDRouter Performance

  • Fixed an issue when perfPingEnable was set to yes, only the ping reply packets were displayed in the log. Now, both the ping request and reply packets are visible in the log.

CDRouter 9.3 Build 13 February 29, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

CDRouter TR-069

  • New session retry test for HTTP 503 error from ACS

    A new test case, tr69_230, has been added. The purpose of this test is to verify that the DUT’s CWMP client responds properly when it receives an HTTP 503 “Service Unavailable” error from the ACS.

New Test Modules and Test Cases

CDRouter TR-069

  • New session retry test for HTTP 503

    TEST: tr69_230
    MODULE: tr69
    DESCRIPTION: Verify session retry after 503 Service Unavailable HTTP response

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • The cdrouter_basic_2 test case will no longer be skipped when the lanInterface is set to a value of none.

  • Fixed a regression issue with CDRouter’s ability to dump a scan list of all available ssids, when the ssid specifed in the configuration file lanSSID cannot be found.

CDRouter Multiport

  • Addressed a problem with the useSameLanInterface multiport testvar functionality. In some configurations with this testvar set to “yes”, running tests that were not compatible with the primary LAN interface would cause CDRouter to become unresponsive. The problem was fixed so that CDRouter now selects an appropriate alternative LAN interface when running those tests.

CDRouter TR-069

  • The list of SSL ciphers supported by CDRouter’s ACS has been updated. A number of advanced ciphers that are not currently supported by CDRouter’s existing server certificates have been removed. Please see the acsCipherSuite testvar for a complete list of the ciphers now available.

  • Fixed a problem in which files transferred to CDRouter via an Upload RPC were saved with a leading CRLF (0x0D0A) sequence at the start of the data.

CDRouter Performance

  • Fixed an issue with the configuration checker where IP values in the Performance section were being checked even if Performance was not enabled with supportsPerformance.



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