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Does CDRouter TR-069 support the TR-181 Issue 2 Device:2.0 data model?

knowledge-base version 11.0


CDRouter has support for all data model specification profiles, providing coverage for TR-181 Issue 2 Amendment 5 (Device 2.5) and all previous revisions. A list of all profiles currently supported by CDRouter can be found in the following article:


During startup CDRouter will try to detect which data models the DUT supports by parsing the DeviceSummary parameter. However, the use of this parameter has been depreciated by the Broadband Forum, and as a result, it may be necessary to manually configure CDRouter to test the Device:2 data model using the tr69FakeDeviceSummary testvar.

For example:

testvar tr69FakeDeviceSummary {Device:2.0[](Baseline:1,IPPing:1)}

Please see the “Template tr69FakeDeviceSummary testvar settings for TR-069 data model testing” Knowledge Base article for examples and more information.

For more information on data model profile testing, please see the CDRouter TR-069 User’s Guide.



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