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How do I adjust the log output level?

knowledge-base version 13.3

The following cdrouter-cli command line options can be used to adjust the verbosity of log messages that appear during a test run. Note that CDRouter automatically applies the -trace and -pt options when tests are run via the web interface.

Event Messages

Option Description
-trace Display protocol event messages
-silent Display final PASS or FAIL status only

Packet Tracing

Option Description
-pt Display one line summary for each packet sent and received
-ptc Same as -pt with color display
-decode Display full decode of each packet sent and received

**NOTE: Only one packet tracing option may be used at a time. For example, you can not have both -pt and -decode. If both the -pt and -decode options are used, the tracing mode will default to -pt.

Raw Hex Dumps

Option Description
-dump Display raw hex dump of each packet sent and received

Additional Information

**See also: How can I filter out specific protocol **messages?



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