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How do I configure an NTP server?

knowledge-base version 13.5

CDRouter can provide up to two NTP servers on the WAN interface. Each NTP server is enabled by configuring an IP address on the WAN side of the router for the NTP server. You may also define a hostname for the NTP server that will be automatically be populated into each of CDRouter’s DNS servers.

Example NTP Configuration:

testvar ntpServer1 
testvar ntpServerName1

testvar ntpServer2 
testvar ntpServerName2

The DNS names are automatically configured in CDRouter’s DNS servers for each WAN interface, and the NTP server addresses will be advertised by CDRouter’s DHCP server in Option 42 (Network Time Protocol Servers).

CDRouter’s NTP servers are enabled by default. You may disable the NTP servers by setting both of the server addresses to “”.

For CDRouter Multiport, the NTP servers are reachable through any WAN interface defined in your config file.



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