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How do I configure CDRouter for SIP testing?

knowledge-base version 13.3

The sip-alg.tcl module includes a number of test case for verifying for SIP a device’s SIP ALG or proxy through NAT. CDRouter includes a built in SIP client and proxy. CDRouter’s SIP ALG test scenarios will verify the NAT translation of SIP header fields and SDP data, and will also initiate RTP streams to verify VoIP traffic.

The following testvars are available to control SIP testing:

# -- SIP ALG support

# If the router supports a SIP ALG or Proxy through NAT, configure the
# testvar supportsSipAlg to yes. Set to no otherwise. 

testvar supportsSipAlg        yes

# The amount of time to wait for an RTP port mapping to be deleted after
# a SIP call has ended can be configured using testvar 
# sipCallTeardownDelay. If the ALG uses the default UDP traffic 
# timeout, this value should be configured to same timeout as the 
# UDP timeout (see testvar natUdpTimeout).

testvar sipCallTeardownDelay  5

# The maximum number of outbound and inbound SIP calls to attempt.

testvar sipMaxOutboundCalls   10
testvar sipMaxInboundCalls    10

# The rate of SIP call establishment can be slowed down by configuring the
# testvar sipCallPacing to a number of milliseconds to delay before 
# establishing a new SIP call. 
# testvar sipCallPacing       0

# The duration of the SIP scaling tests can be modified by configuring the
# testvar sipScaleRunTime to the number of seconds to run the test. The
# default value is 30 seconds.
# testvar sipScaleRunTime     30

# To limit the number of SIP user names that CDRouter will create, set 
# the testvar sipMaxUserNames to the limit value. By default, CDRouter 
# will create a unique name of phone number for each test case. Some 
# routers will SIP proxy support limit the number of unique users 
# that can be registered.
# testvar sipMaxUserNames     10



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