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How do I configure CDRouter to skip the initial Restart prompt?

knowledge-base version 12.10

By default CDRouter will prompt the user to restart the device under test (DUT) before starting a test run. You can skip this check by configuring the testvars RestartDut and RestartDutDelay. These testvars are used to configure a script or command used to restart the DUT. When these testvars are configured, CDRouter skips the manual prompt and attempts to run the RestartDut command. By configuring these testvars to a dummy value, the restart prompt can be skipped.

Here’s an example that skips the restart prompt by configuring the RestartDut testvar to a dummy command echo -n:

testvar RestartDut "echo -n"
testvar RestartDutDelay 0

If you are interested in power cycling the device under test before each test run, please refer to this Knowledge Base article.

Note that a complementary testvar ShutdownDut is also available for executing user defined scripts at the end of test run. For more information please see this Knowledge Base article.



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