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How do I configure CDRouter to skip the initial restart prompt?

knowledge-base version 13.9

CDRouter 12.13 and newer releases no longer prompt the user to manually restart the DUT at the beginning of every test run. To restore the original behavior from previous releases, the testvar RestartDut must be set to the value prompt.

In previous releases, CDRouter will display a pop-up that prompts the user to manually restart the DUT at the beginning of every test run. The testvars RestartDut and RestartDutDelay may be used to configure a script or command used to restart the DUT. When these testvars are configured, CDRouter skips the manual restart prompt and attempts to run the RestartDut command. By configuring these testvars to a dummy value, the restart prompt can be skipped.

Here’s an example that skips the restart prompt by configuring the RestartDut testvar to a dummy command echo -n:

testvar RestartDut "echo -n"
testvar RestartDutDelay 0

For more information on how to automatically restart the DUT before at the start of every test run, please see this Knowledge Base article.

Note that a complementary testvar ShutdownDut is also available for executing user defined scripts at the end of a test run. For more information please see this Knowledge Base article.



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