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How do I migrate my results when updating to CDRouter 10.0 and higher?

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Starting with CDRouter 10.0, the web interface and underlying architecture have been completely redesigned to provide a sleek new interface, advanced test management and organization, and the introduction of individual accounts for engineers, management, and customers.

When upgrading to CDRouter 10.0 from previous versions, the CDRouter installer will automatically convert all test configuration data and packages to the new architecture. However, in order to simplify the upgrade process and allow users to quickly continue their testing, CDRouter test results will not be automatically migrated during installation. Users connecting to CDRouter for the first time after an install will instead see the following banner on the Results page:

This article explains how to run CDRouter’s “cdrouter-migrate” tool to migrate test results from previous versions of CDRouter following the upgrade to CDRouter 10.0 or newer versions.

Migrating Test Results to CDRouter 10 from previous versions

In the past, when you upgraded your CDRouter version, the installation process would not need to perform any action on your existing configurations, packages, or test results. The updated CDRouter software knew where to find them and they were displayed in the UI as they were in the previous version.

With CDRouter 10.0, the underlying structure and layout is different than previous versions. This means part of the installation process to use CDRouter 10.0 would need to migrate your existing configurations, packages and results.

All of your existing test configurations and test packages are migrated automatically for you when you install CDRouter 10.0. However, in our testing, we found that migrating test results could potentially take a very long time, based on how many you have.

We made the decision to not automatically perform test results migration. Instead, we want to give our customers the option to do this migration when and if they wanted.

The command to perform the test results migration is the following. (It must be done as the root user)

/usr/cdrouter/bin/cdrouter-migrate -resources results

The results migration will be done in the background and you would still be able to run test packages while the migration is happening. Occasionally refreshing the ‘Results’ page will start showing newly migrated results as the migration is processing.

Note: The migration will not delete files. They will still be located in the same directory that previous versions of CDRouter used.

To see what other major changes there are in CDRouter 10.0, refer to this Knowledge Base article

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