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How to Override a Testvar When Launching a Package

knowledge-base version 13.3

Specifying new testvar values when launching a test package

It can often be useful to run a test package with a different configuration than the one saved with the package. This can be done by clicking the Launch button and selecting an alternative config file from the popup window.

Starting with CDRouter 10.6, the UI allows the user to select a configuration file at package launch time. Previously, the configuration file could only be chosen when the package was defined. The configuration file was statically ‘linked’ to a package. This meant that every package had to be defined with a different configuration file, even if the set of tests was the same for each package.

With this new enhancement, a package only needs the set of tests and run-time options to be defined and then the configuration file may be chosen dynamically when the package is launched. This means a single package may be run against many different configurations without needing to define a new package for each one.

When a package is created/defined, a default configuration file still needs to be chosen, but when the package is launched via the CDRouter UI, a different configuration file maybe chosen.

"Launch Package"

Select a Configuration File When Launching a Testlist

This feature works with a testlist, as well. A testlist, which was introduced in CDRouter 10.2 is essentially a package that is defined without a default configuration file. Testlists can be included in other packages, and can also now be launched. When launching a testlist a configuration must be chosen at launch time.

Select a Configuration File when Restarting a Package or Testlist

In addition to being able to choose a configuration file at package launch time, it can also be changed when you restart a package based on a specific result.

"Restart Package Result"



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