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NTA1000 5.4 System Image Update

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General Notice

New NTA1000 System Image (v5.4)

The CDRouter development and support teams have recently created and qualified a new system image for the NTA1000 hardware platform. This release of this image will unify the underlying software for the current NTA1000 platforms that are still under a hardware warranty. Specifically, this means the NTA1000v3, NTA1000v4, and NTA1000v5 hardware platforms. To see which NTA1000 platform you have, you can refer to the NTA1000 versions knowledge base article.

The new system image consists of the following:

  • An updated operating system - CentOS 7.5
  • A new Linux kernel - 4.14.40-1.el7.qacafe.x86_64
    • Including updated drivers and firmware for the wireless interfaces
  • a full yum update as of July 03, 2018
  • Mitigation techniques for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

Additionally, installing this new image on a NTA1000v3 or NTA1000v4 will remove a couple Performance Addon limitations that these older hardware platforms had:

  • the multicast performance test cases may now be run using this image
  • the upstream performance restriciton for the Intel wireless interface has been fixed in the update driver software.

Updating to this version of the system image allows the CDRouter software to take advantage of new features in the underlying OS layer. It also updates general system-level security and provides updates to other software that may be used, such as web browsers.

NOTE: All the NTA1000v1 platforms are beyond their warranty period, and all but a few NTA1000v2 are also out of warranty. If you have one of these platforms we would encourage contacting the CDRouter sales team for information on upgrading to the latest hardware platform.

Upgrading to the New System Image


Upgrading this platform to the new image is simply installing a new rpm file and rebooting. The detailed instructions for this procedure may be found in the Knowledge Base article How to Update NTA1000 Kernel System Software

(Note - getting the image in this way will perform a yum update as of the day that the RPM is run)

NTA1000v3 and NTA1000v4

Upgrading the system image for these hardware platforms is a little more involved and requires reinstalling the operating system. It will likely involve taking the CDRouter system offline for several hours depending on how much test result data has been saved. So scheduling a time to upgrade may be necessary. At a high level, the steps are:

1) Backup existing data (configuration, packages, results)

2) Reformat drives and install new OS/image

3) Reinstall CDRouter software

4) Restore data

We have written a specific Knowledge Base article to guide you through this procedure. If at any time you need technical assistance for the system image upgrade, please feel free to reach out the support team.



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