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NTA1000 Hardware Replacement Program

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Version 1.3, March 2016

QA Cafe’s NTA1000 hardware platform is refreshed from time to time to take advantage of new hardware options and interface cards. Customers may wish to upgrade their existing NTA1000 units to newer hardware revisions to take advantage of these new options. QA Cafe also recommends that customers upgrade the NTA1000 at least every 5 years to avoid component failure. The following guidelines cover the NTA1000 replacement process.

  1. All NTA1000 hardware is covered for up to 5 years by our warranty statement provided all installed software is covered by a current CDRouter Maintenance and Support Agreement (MSA). NTA1000 warranty is a “repair or replace” model. For more information on the NTA1000 warranty please see the NTA1000 warranty statement.

  2. A customer may choose to upgrade their NTA1000 to the currently shipping hardware at any time provided the software is also covered by a current CDRouter MSA. QA Cafe will ship the new NTA1000 to the customer. The customer must return the older NTA1000 within 30 days. The customer is responsible for import taxes and shipping based on the pricing of the NTA1000.

  3. If an NTA1000 has been covered by warranty for 4 years, it becomes eligible for a discounted hardware upgrade as part of a sales promotion to upgrade the existing license with additional add-ons. The customer will be notified after the 4th renewal of this program and they can perform the upgrade at any time after the 4th renewal. The customer can also purchase a new NTA1000 in lieu of purchasing additional add-ons. We will recommend that the customer replaces their NTA1000 after the 4th year renewal as part of the normal hardware lifecycle.

  4. If a customer chooses not to upgrade their license or purchase a new NTA1000, they can continue on with our normal repair or replace warranty. If the NTA1000 fails, we will either repair or replace it at our discretion.

  5. In all cases, NTA1000 replacement requires the end customer to return the older NTA1000 to QA Cafe within 30 days of receiving the new NTA1000. Failure to return the original NTA1000 will result in cancellation of your CDRouter Maintenance and Support Agreement.

  6. Contact to work out the specifics of your NTA1000 replacement.



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