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NTA1000 Rocky Linux migration

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QA Cafe has relied on CentOS Linux as the operating system for all versions of the NTA1000 platforms starting with version 2 (aka NTA1000v2). In December of 2020 CentOS 8 was suddenly and officially deprecated, and reached End of Life status on December 31, 2021. CentOS 8 will no longer be updated, maintained, or supported by RedHat as of January 1, 2022.

Due to this unexpected change of status, QA Cafe has evaluated alternatives and has made the decision to transition from CentOS 8 to Rocky Linux 8 as the operating system for all new NTA1000 systems that are shipped. This transition is effective November 1, 2021.

In addition, QA Cafe has developed a migration strategy for customers with NTA1000v7 systems that are running CentOS 8.

We also recently expanded this migration strategy to customers with older systems running CentOS 7, specifically those with NTA1000v6 or NTA1000v5.

Note: If you have an older NTA1000 hardware platform (v4, v3, v2) or you do not know which hardware platform you have, please contact the QA Cafe Support team.

This article provides an overview of the migration procedure, a list of requirements, and links to detailed instructions for the migration.

Please contact QA Cafe’s customer support team at with any questions or concerns.


Every NTA1000v7, NTA1000v6, and NTA1000v5 contains two (2) hard drives: a smaller system drive and a larger data drive. The system drive contains the operating system, CDRouter application software, and CDRouter license file. The data drive is where all CDRouter data is stored, including the database, device models, configurations, test packages, and results.

Migrating to Rocky Linux 8 requires installing a new operating system image on the system drive of the NTA1000. The QA Cafe NTA1000 Disk Image Utility provided by QA Cafe automates this process.

The QA Cafe NTA1000 Disk Image Utility requires a 4GB (or larger) USB drive which must be provided by the user. The disk image utility will download and install the new Rocky Linux 8 operating system image from QA Cafe’s online repo on the USB drive and make the USB drive bootable. Booting the NTA1000 from the USB drive will provide options for cloning the new operating system image from the USB drive to the system drive in the NTA1000.

NOTE that the migration procedure will erase ALL data on the system drive of the NTA1000. Any personal files stored on this drive, for example in /home or /root, must be backed up before continuing. All CDRouter data stored on the data drive is preserved during the migration process.

Following successful migration, the CDRouter application software and license file must be reinstalled.


  • An NTA1000v7 running CentOS 8, or an NTA1000v6/NTA1000v5 running CentOS 7.
  • A 4 GB or larger USB flash drive. This drive will be formatted and erased during the migration process.
  • All commands provided in the instructions must be run as root.

Migration Procedure

QA Cafe strongly recommends connecting the NTA1000 to the internet and following the online instructions below. The migration process is significantly faster and easier if the NTA1000 has internet connectivity. If this is not possible, an offline procedure is also provided.

If the NTA1000 does not have internet access, please follow the Offline Migration Instructions instead.



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