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NTA1000 Update Options

knowledge-base version 13.9


Which update do you need?

Updating the underlying operating system software for the NTA1000 is done in various ways depending on the circumstances and type of update. This document will go through each situation.

Note that the updates presented in this document are for the NTA1000 system itself and NOT for simply updating to a new version of CDRouter. For instructions on how to upgrade CDRouter on your system, please refer to this document:

In-place updates

The CDRouter development team is constantly making improvements to the CDRouter software. Some of these changes require minor updates to the underlying operating system and kernel of the NTA1000 hardware platform. These updates are relatively simple and do not require rebuilding your system drives. For instructions and more information on in-place updates, please refer to this document:

Rocky Linux Migration

The in-place updates will update but not fundamentally change the underlying operating system. It is currently recommended that all NTA1000 systems run the Rocky Linux operating system. In order to migrate your NTA1000 to Rocky Linux, please refer to this document:

Factory Reset

In the unlikely event of a crash, corrupted files, or accidental deletion of operating system files, it might be necessary to rebuild one or both of the internal drives back to factory defaults. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to this document:



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