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Regression testing with multiple devices

knowledge-base version 12.13

The real power of CDRouter is the ability to easily automate the task of testing a number of core protocols or functionality within a particular device in a consistent and repeatable manner. CDRouter also includes a number of mechanisms for organizing, managing, and sharing test results which make it the perfect tool for regression testing.

Using a single system CDRouter can be used to sequentially test any number of devices by connecting each device to its own set of network interfaces within the system. There are many possible regression scenarios that could be implemented using this basic test setup:

Different versions of firmware across the same platform, for example:

  • DUT 1 = model A, firmware version 1.01
  • DUT 2 = model A, firmware version 1.13
  • DUT 3 = model A, firmware version 2.00

Different platforms each running the same release of firmware, for example:

  • DUT 1 = model A, firmware version 1.01
  • DUT 2 = model B, firmware version 1.01
  • DUT 3 = model C, firmware version 1.01

Multiple instances of the same platform and firmware each running a different configuration or set of tests (each instance could be configured for a different WAN connection mode), for example:

  • DUT 1 = model A, firmware version 1.01, PPPoE mode
  • DUT 2 = model A, firmware version 1.01, DHCP mode
  • DUT 3 = model A, firmware version 1.01, PPTP mode

Regardless of the regression scenario in use, the fundamental goal is to run a standard set of tests on a regular basis to ensure that different platforms, versions of firmware, or feature sets are working as expected.

A key to ensuring repeatable results for any regression scenario is verifying that the DUT is in a known state when testing starts. This can be achieved with a remotely controllable power strip and a simple RestartDut command placed in your CDRouter configuration file(s), as detailed here.

Test Setup


  • CDRouter Multiport
  • Multiple network interfaces (six for the test setup shown above)
  • Three basic Ethernet-to-Ethernet or wireless routers


  • Connect multiple devices to a single CDRouter system
  • Allows multiple platforms to be tested, OR multiple versions of firmware across a single platform



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