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Regression testing with multiple wireless devices

knowledge-base version 12.13

CDRouter’s capabilities can be extended to wireless devices by installing one of our recommended wireless interfaces in the host system. With wireless testing in mind, the basic regression test setup can be modified to create a multi-device environment suitable for testing a device (or multiple devices) using a number of different wireless configurations.

There are many possible regression scenarios that could be implemented using this basic test setup, involving different models, firmware versions, wireless modes, and wireless security schemes. Here is just one example in which the wireless mode and security scheme is varied across a single device model and version of firmware:


  • Model A, firmware version: 1.01
  • WAN IP address:
  • Wireless mode: 802.11n
  • Wireless security: WEP-128


  • Model A, firmware version: 1.01
  • WAN IP address:
  • Wireless mode: 802.11n
  • Wireless security: WPA-PSK


  • Model A, firmware version: 1.01
  • WAN IP address:
  • Wireless mode: 802.11n
  • Wireless security: WPA2-RADIUS (aka WPA2-Enterprise)

This example is perfect for verifying a specific set of core functionality over a range of wireless configurations. This makes it possible to quickly identify inconsistencies or instability with certain wireless types (802.11a, b, g, n) or security schemes (WEP, WPA/2-PSK/Enterprise, etc).

Test Setup


The test setup above includes an optional Ethernet switch which is used to aggregate all of the WAN side connections on the devices under test to a single physical interface on the CDRouter host system. This has the benefit of allowing multiple devices to be connected to a single test interface, however, there are some caveats to this approach as well:

  • Each device must be configured for static WAN mode and must be configured with a unique static IP on the WAN
  • If each device is assigned a unique IP address, there is no need to reboot them before each test run; this may not be optimal since there is no way to ensure the device state

These issues can be addressed by adding a remotely controllable power strip to the above test setup. The power strip allows devices that are not actively being tested to be turned off, thus allowing each device to be independently configured for any WAN mode. The power strip can also be used to reboot each device which ensures that each device is in a known state prior to each test run.


  • CDRouter or CDRouter Multiport
  • An Ethernet switch
  • Three (or more) basic wireless routers


  • Connect multiple devices to a single CDRouter system - Great for automated regression testing
  • Allows testing to be performed over any supported combination of wireless type and security
  • Can quickly identify potential issues with particular wireless scenarios



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