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Profile Support

Packet Viewer supports loading Wireshark v4.2 compatible profiles to control the output and dissection of packets within the components. Things that can be changed by the profile include columns, color rules, decode-as and other preferences, and more.

The --profiles-dir option instructs Packet Viewer where to load profiles on the system from. This defaults to /data/profiles inside the Docker image.

Profiles themselves must be in a specific format, are available globally, and are managed only at the container level. There is currently no API access to manage or update profiles. A profile is a directory containing a single directory named wireshark which holds the contents of the profile. For example:

├── sample/
│   └── wireshark/
│       ├── preferences
│       ├── color_filters
│       └── decode_as_entries
└── wifi/
    └── wireshark/
        └── preferences

The above diagram represents two profiles: “sample” and “wifi”.

When using the React component, the profile prop takes the string name of the requested profile.