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BBF.069 add-on release notes

release-note version 13.10


As of CDRouter 10.4, the CDRouter BBF.069 add-on is now included with the main CDRouter release, and will no longer be distributed as a separate package.

Future updates or enhancements to the BBF.069 add-on will be documented in the Release Notes for CDRouter.

This page documents all releases of the BBF.069 add-on up to version BBF.069 8.1 build 1, which is only compatible with CDRouter 10.3.6.

CDRouter BBF.069 1.0.097 Build 1 December 10, 2012

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Initial release

CDRouter BBF.069 1.0.097 Build 3 January 29, 2013

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Resolved an potential fatal error in the acs_modify_URL test case in the mandatory automated module.

CDRouter BBF.069 1.0.097 Build 5, February 27, 2013

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Miscellaneous updates to ensure compatibility with CDRouter 7.3.

CDRouter BBF.069 1.1.075 Build 10 May 29, 2013

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Updated source to version 1.1.075.

  • Resolved an issue with the conn_request_session_exists test in the Mandatory-Automated test module. This test now fixes the number of connection request attempts to 1 to avoid a potential test case exception issue.

CDRouter BBF.069 1.2.020 Build 2, August 8, 2013

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Updated source to version 1.2.020.

  • Miscellaneous fixes.

CDRouter BBF.069 1.2.061 Build 8 December 9, 2013

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Updated source to version 1.2.061.

  • The periodic_inform_time_past and periodic_inform_time_future test cases were updated to accommodate timestamp values containing fractions of a second (eg. 2013-07-31T13:31:29.050000+00:00)

  • Resolved an issue in the SPV_SOAP_Fault test case where <faultcode> values containing namespace identifiers were not accepted. The test will now accept “Client” or “SOAP-ENV:Client” as a valid faultcode value.

  • The upload and diagnostics test cases were updated to resolve an unexpected failure that occurred if the “7 TRANSFER COMPLETE” or “8 DIAGNOSTICS COMPLETE” event code (respectively) was received too soon following the end of the previous CWMP session.

  • The session_retry test case was updated to force the DUT to send a “1 Boot” Event Code in its next Inform RPC. This ensures that the DUT will obey the Session Retry Policy since a simple “6 CONNECTION REQUEST” Event Code may be discarded in the event of a session failure.

  • Miscellaneous fixes.

CDRouter BBF.069 1.2.075 Build 11 May 9, 2014

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Updated source to version 1.2.075.

  • The GPV_simple_complete_path test case was updated to verify a different parameter value, (root).ManagementServer.Username. This was done to avoid problems that were sometimes encountered when the value of (root).ManagementServer.URL returned by the DUT differed slightly from what the test case expected. In order for this test to run successfully, the gpv_simple_path testvar should be updated to provide the expected value of the DUT’s (root).ManagementServer.Username parameter (typically the same as the acsDefaultUser testvar).

  • The certificates_used_no_ntp test case was corrected to use boolean values “true”/“false” instead of “True”/“False” when sending SetParameterValues RPC messages to the DUT.

  • The session_retry test case was updated to use the acsWaitForInform testvar timeout value (instead of tr69InformTimeout) when waiting for the DUT to reboot and issue an Inform with the “1 BOOT” Event Code.

  • The SOAP_response test case was updated to fix a problem in which the test erroneously reported that the HTTP SOAPAction: header was missing from the DUT’s response message.

  • The test case “DUT_properly_encodes_and_decodes_XML_entities” was updated to wait for the DUT to issue a periodic Inform message when required rather than explicitly request the DUT to establish a CWMP connection. This was done to resolve a problem in which the test case would fail if the ACS was unable to successfully complete the connection request.

  • Corrected errors in the receive_chunked_encoding test case description and procedure.

  • Miscellaneous fixes.

CDRouter BBF.069 6.0 Build 1 December 7, 2015

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Updated source to release 6.0. Note that the UNH-IOL has renamed all of the test cases in release 6.0. As a result, any test packages that include BBF.069 test cases must be updated to reference the new test case names.

CDRouter BBF.069 6.0 Build 2 December 28, 2015

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Fixed a problem that occurred when CDRouter processes test results from the BBF.069 add-on at the end of a test run. This fixes exceptions related to missing “zip” testvars at the end of a test.

CDRouter BBF.069 6.0 Build 5 April 5, 2016

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • This release of the BBF.069 add-on requires CDRouter 10.0 Build 1 or higher.

  • Updated all BBF.069 tests that use the download server. The download server in these tests now uses the unique file server credentials defined by the testvars acsFileServerUser and acsFileServerPassword.

CDRouter BBF.069 6.1 Build 2 July 14, 2016

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • This release of the BBF.069 add-on requires CDRouter 10.0 Build 1 or higher.

  • Updated source to release 6.1. Note that the UNH-IOL has added two new testvars that must be included in all BBF.069 configuration files:

    testvar acsURL
    testvar rootDataModel InternetGatewayDevice

    The rootDataModel testvar should be updated to match the root data model of the device being tested.

  • Updated the 5_014_DNS_server test case with an additional Connection Request to verify that the DUT does not cache a prior DNS response with stale information.

  • Updated the 5_103_periodic_inform_time_past and 5_104_periodic_inform_time_future tests to restore the DUT’s ManagementServer.PeriodicInformInterval parameter to its original value.

  • Resolved a problem in the 5_029_SOAP_response test case where the SOAPAction HTTP header was not always getting validated correctly.

  • The sample config files provided in the /usr/cdrouter/vendor/IOL/BBF.069/configs/ were updated to ensure that testvars specifying certificate files (eg. testvar redirectHttpMatchedCertPath) are prefixed with the ${unh_path} variable instead of using a hard-coded path name.

  • Updated the 5_094_all_queued_transfers test case to resolve a problem with verifying the targetfilename of each of the transferred files.

CDRouter BBF.069 8.1 Build 1 June 20, 2017

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • This release of the BBF.069 add-on requires CDRouter 10.3 build 6 or greater.

  • All BBF.069 test cases that disable periodic informs within the DUT will now issue a GetParameterValues RPC to learn the initial periodic inform settings and set those values back at the end of the test.

  • The BBF.069 configuration is now integrated into the base CDRouter config file. New BBF.069 specific testvars have been defined, and all old BBF.069 testvars have been deprecated. As a result, users will need to create new config files to run this version of the BBF.069 add-on.

  • The 5_027_session_cookies test case has been updated to be compatible with RFC 6265 style cookies. Support within CDRouter’s ACS for RFC 6265 cookies was added in release 10.3. The type of cookie used by the ACS can be configured using the testvar acsCookieMode.

  • Resolved an issue in the 5_029_SOAP_response case test to ensure the SOAPAction header is properly detected.

  • The 5_050_GPV_simple_complete_path test case does not allow the parameter path to be configured. The test requests the value of the {base}.ManagementServer.URL parameter and verifies its value is the same as the configured ACS URL that the DUT uses to connect to the ACS.

  • Resolved a fatal exception in the 5_072_SPA_disable_notif test case.

  • Resolved a possible false positive result in the 5_081_download_queuing test case if any TransferComplete RPCs from the DUT contained a non-zero FaultCode indicating that the download failed.

  • The 5_085_upload, 5_086_upload_queuing, and 5_087_upload_delay_test test cases now use the tr69UploadPath testvar to generate unique URLs for the Upload RPCs that are issued to the DUT.

  • Resolved an issue in the 5_094_all_queued_transfers test that was causing one of the transferred files not to be verified correctly.

  • Resolved a fatal error in the 5_099_no_inform_ip_address_change test case when testing devices that do not include the ExternalIPAddress parameter in their Informs. This test will now use the ConnectionRequestURL parameter for verification if the ExternalIPAddress parameter is not available.

  • The 5_101_change_ACS_username_password test case procedure has been updated to ensure that a new session is started and that the new credentials are used for the new session.

  • Resolved a potential fatal error in the 5_103_periodic_inform_time_past and 5_104_periodic_inform_time_future test cases.



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