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CDRouter 10.0 Release Notes

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Release History

Release Type Release Number Release Date
Original CDRouter 10.0 Build 2 April 5, 2016
Maintenance release 1 CDRouter 10.0 Build 9 April 28, 2016
Maintenance release 2 CDRouter 10.0 Build 10 May 24, 2016
Maintenance release 3 CDRouter 10.0 Build 11 June 21, 2016

Note: CDRouter 10.0 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Old config files can be automatically upgraded to include all new CDRouter 10.0 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

CDRouter 10.0 Build 2 April 5, 2016

New Features and Enhancements


  • New web interface with a number of exciting new features!

    CDRouter 10.0 introduces a new web interface for CDRouter with an updated and more modern look and feel! The new interface is built on a powerful new PostgreSQL results database and web server written in the Golang programming language. In addition to the new look and feel and updated internals , we’ve also added a number of exciting new features and enhancements. Keep reading to find out more!

  • User model with local user authentication

    One of the key features included in the new web interface is a user model which makes it easier for small teams to more efficiently utilize their CDRouter systems and share results with others.

    Please see this Knowledge Base article for more information.

  • Support for HTTPS and HTTP/2

    CDRouter 10.0 supports HTTPS out of the box, making it possible to securely access your CDRouter system from anywhere. By default, a self-signed certificate is generated and is used to serve HTTPS connections. However, a real certificate can be installed if desired. CDRouter can also be configured to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS to further secure your system.

    CDRouter 10.0 also supports HTTP/2 over HTTPS with no additional configuration. HTTP/2 brings major improvements in terms of performance and latency. HTTP/2 is supported by the most current release of Firefox and Chrome. See the official HTTP/2 website for more information on HTTP/2.

  • Enhanced tagging, filtering, and sorting options

    CDRouter 10.0 includes improved tagging, filtering and sorting options. Index pages can now be filtered using multiple tags simultaneously, resources can be filtered by name and table columns can be sorted to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

  • History and logging for all actions on system

    CDRouter 10.0 introduces a new history page which serves as an audit trail to help you keep track of actions performed on your CDRouter system. Each action is logged with the name of the user responsible for the action, a timestamp and a link to the resource that was modified. The history page can be filtered, sorted and searched to allow finding changes quickly.

  • Updated home page with new dashboard

    CDRouter’s home page has been revamped to offer a new dashboard view which aims to give a quick overview of your CDRouter system. The new home page shows the live status of the currently running or most recent result and lists a summary of subsequent recent results. Also, an import target for importing resources is conveniently located on the homepage in addition to links to the most recently modified configurations and packages.

  • New package editor

    The package editor has undergone a major overhaul in CDRouter 10.0. In previous releases, a package’s testlist was made up of tests. Each test could only be added once and tests were executed in a predetermined order. In CDRouter 10.0, a package’s testlist can be made up of tests, modules or entire add-ons. Each test, module and addon can appear any number of times in the testlist and can be executed in any order. CDRouter 10.0’s powerful new package editor allows you to arbitrarily add, remove, copy and rearrange entries in your package’s testlist.

  • Unified license & installer

    CDRouter 10.0 uses a single, unified license & installer for both CDRouter and CDRouter Multiport. In past releases, two installers were distributed, one for CDRouter Multiport customers and one for all other CDRouter customers. In addition, CDRouter Multiport customers were required to install their license file in a different location than other CDRouter customers. This is no longer necessary. Starting with CDRouter 10.0, Multiport is treated as an addon and all CDRouter customers have just one installer to download & install. Likewise, all CDRouter customers now install their license file in the same location. We hope this removes a common source of confusion and helps you get up and running with CDRouter faster.

  • Config search feature

    A new config search page allows you to quickly find the values of specific testvars in a config file. By default, the config search page will display testvars that are set to non-default values. Filter boxes allow searching for testvars in a config file by name, value or testvar group. For example, the config search page could be used to display all testvars with supports in their name set to yes to quickly see which features are enabled in the config file.

  • Improved importing and exporting of multiple resources

    CDRouter 10.0 introduces the ability to export multiple configurations, packages and results in a single export archive. In addition, capture files can optionally be excluded when exporting a result thus greatly reducing the size of the generated export archive. These improvements make it even easier to transfer resources between CDRouter systems quickly.

  • New automation & integration possibilities with updated JSON API

    CDRouter 10.0 includes a brand new JSON API accessible via HTTP/HTTPS. CDRouter’s JSON API makes it possible to automate the configuration, creation and subsequent analysis of CDRouter test results, and opens the door for integrating CDRouter with other testing tools. To learn more about CDRouter’s JSON API, please contact for more information.

  • New software and license upgrade features

    Installing updates is easier than ever. Users now have the ability to automatically fetch and install software upgrades and license files with the push of a button from the updated CDRouter 10.0 web interface. In addition, software and license updates can also be performed manually via drag and drop.

    CDRouter 10.0 will periodically check for software updates and display a banner when updates are available. License and software upgrades are managed via the System > Update License and System > Upgrade CDRouter pages.

  • Capture file time stamps are now absolute

    For consistency with the log files generated by CDRouter, all capture files now have absolute, rather than relative, time stamps. This makes it easier to correlate a packet in a capture file with events in the log.

  • New test case for verifying DHCP options provided by the client

    The new cdrouter_dhcp_30 test case can be used to verify that a DHCP client includes certain options in the DHCP messages that it sends to the server. To run this test the new wildcard testvars wanDhcpClientOptionCode and wanDhcpClientOptionCode must be enabled and properly configured for the option(s) that you wish to validate. Up to 16 instances of these testvars can be defined.

CDRouter Nmap

  • CDRouter upgraded to use Nmap 7

    CDRouter provides its own bundled installation of Nmap, a utility for network discovery and security auditing. CDRouter has been upgraded to use Nmap version 7.

CDRouter Performance

  • New LAN to LAN performance test capabilities

    Two new modules containing test cases to generate UDP or TCP traffic over IPv4 or IPV6 between two clients on the LAN-side of a DUT. The LAN clients may be wired, wireless, or one of each. The test cases also generate PASS or FAIL results based on meeting configured throughput thresholds.

  • Performance Configuration Summary

    Added summary information about performance-specific configuration into the log before the start of each Performance test run.

CDRouter TR-069

  • New testvars for setting file server credentials

    In all previous releases of CDRouter the file server used in various TR-069 test cases used the same set of credentials as the ACS. This release adds two new testvars which allow the file server credentials to be configured with unique values by enabling the new testvars acsFileServerUser and acsFileServerPassword.

  • Support for testing TR-069 over IPv6 when 6to4 and 6rd are enabled

    Prior to this release CDRouter supported testing TR-069 over native IPv6 WAN modes only. With this release CDRouter now supports testing TR-069 over all IPv6 WAN modes including 6to4 and 6rd, which were not originally supported.

CDRouter Multiport

  • New Guest modules for IPv4 and IPv6

    Two new modules containing test cases to verify the proper operation of ‘guest’ mode on a CPE have been added to the Multiport add-on. The IPv6 guest module will also require the IPv6 Add-on. For more information on the guest module, please read this QA Cafe University Article

New Test Modules and Test Cases


  • New DHCP client options test case

    TEST CASE: cdrouter_dhcp_30
    MODULE: dhcp-c
    DESCRIPTION: DHCP client includes vendor defined options

CDRouter Performance

  • New LAN-to-LAN IPv4 Performance Module

    MODULE: perf-lan
    DESCRIPTION: tests for testing Performance between to LAN clients for IPv4 
  • New LAN-to-LAN IPv6 Performance Module

    MODULE: perf-lan-v6
    DESCRIPTION: tests for testing Performance between to LAN clients for IPv6 

    CDRouter Multiport

  • New Multiport Guest Module

    MODULE: guest
    DESCRIPTION: tests for testing guest mode for IPv4 
  • New Muliport v6 Guest Module

    MODULE: guest-v6
    DESCRIPTION: test for testing guest mode for IPv6

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • Fixed an issue with the ipv6_dns_120 test where a DNS response with missing rdata and rdlength > 0 was causing a fatal error. A warning is now issued instead.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented CDRouter-demo from being installed if the IOL-BBF-069 addon was already installed.

  • Resolved an bug displaying the documentation for custom test cases that had more than one “.” character in the test case name.

  • The cdrouter-cli -check-version command is now aware of maintenance release updates.

  • Updated CDRouter’s MTU calculation logic when running in DS-Lite mode on the WAN. CDRouter will now look at both the IPv6 WAN mode as well to determine what the maximum link MTU is in DS-Lite mode.

  • The config file “diff” comparison view in the web interface would sometimes not scroll or properly synchronize the views of both config files. This problem has been fixed in this release.

  • Fixed an issue with the cdrouter_http_270 test where sending a HTTP 200 (OK) response message causes a fatal error when the TCP session is not available.

  • CDRouter’s 802.1ad VLAN stacking feature has been enhanced to support devices that use “QinQ” style of tunnelling. Setting the wanOuterVlanQinQ to “yes” will enable this mode. Please see the CDRouter User Guide and the following Knowledge Base article for more details.

CDRouter Multiport

  • The CDRouter Multiport add-on no longer requires a separate installer. As a result, there is now a single installer for all CDRouter systems.

CDRouter IPv6

  • Resolved an issue with the ipv6_ndp_30 test case when validating the contents of the DNS Recursive Name Server option in configurations where the number of IPv4 WAN DNS servers defined exceeds the number of IPv6 WAN DNS servers defined.

CDRouter TR-069

  • Resolved a fatal error on systems that do not have the TR69-EDM add-on when running the od128 test module against non-IGD devices.

  • The tr69_160 and tr69_170 test cases are now automatically skipped if the testvar tr69UploadRPC is set to “no”.

  • Fixed a bad parameter path when running the od128_test_15.3 test case against an STB.

CDRouter BBF.069

CDRouter 10.0 Build 9 April 28, 2016

New Features and Enhancements


  • New bulk edit feature

    A new bulk edit feature has been added to the Configurations, Packages, and Results pages within the web interface. Clicking the new Bulk Edit button allows users to edit the attributes of multiple resources from a single menu. Attributes that can be modified with the bulk edit feature include ownership, tags, whether or not a result is starred, and whether or not a result is archived.

  • New DHCP server test for verifying that client address lies within the configured pool

    The new cdrouter_dhcp_server_4 test case can be used to verify that CDRouter’s DHCP client receives an address within the configured DHCP pool. The DHCP pool is configured using the testvars dhcpClientStart and dhcpClientEnd. The value of these testvars must match the DHCP pool configuration on the DUT to pass this test.

  • Filter settings now saved as URL parameters

    Many of the filter settings available within CDRouter’s web interface are now automatically saved as URL parameters. This makes it possible for users to bookmark URLs for specific views and share direct links to specific views on their system with colleagues. This enhancement also improves navigation by retaining filter/view settings when users click the back button in their browser.

CDRouter TR-069

  • Updated TR-135 profiles

    The tr135_profiles test module has been updated to support a number of new profiles including Baseline:2, DigitalOutput:2, DigitalOutput:3, HistoPerfMon:1, and HistoECPerfMon:1.

CDRouter Multiport

  • Support for unique DHCP Vendor Class Identifier options

    The dhcpClientVendorClass testvar can now be uniquely defined on each configured LAN interface. This makes it possible to test DHCP conditional serving scenarios where certain DHCP Vendor Class Identifiers (option 60) trigger the DUT’s DHCP server to provide addresses from specific pools. With this capability multiple LAN interfaces can be configured, each with unique Vendor Class Identifiers. By also configuring a unique DHCP pool for each interface it’s possible to verify that a specific Vendor Class Identifier results in an address from a certain pool, using the new cdrouter_dhcp_server_4 test case.

CDRouter Performance

  • Added Zoom Capability to Performance Graphs

    Added the ability to zoom in and out on performance graphs, allowing users to see a more granular view of graphs that have a large number of data points.

New Test Modules and Test Cases


  • New DHCP server pool test

    TEST CASE: cdrouter_dhcp_server_4
    MODULE: dhcp-s
    DESCRIPTION: Verify DHCP server returns IP address within configured pool

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • The cdrouter_forward_2 test case is not compatible with multi-wan configurations and will now be automatically skipped if more than one WAN interface are defined in the configuration file.

  • Resolved an issue with the CSV results export. Previously the CSV output would include only the first 250 test results. This issue has been fixed and the CSV export now includes all results.

  • Resolved an issue when calculating the WAN MTU in the cdrouter_dos_2 test case when PPPoE with an IPSec tunnel are configured.

  • Some log messages have been removed while performing firewall scans. This reduces the size of the test log significantly when performing firewall scans over large port ranges.

  • Resolved an issue that prevented CDRouter from stopping a running test package while the the RestartDut command was still running. If that command failed to return for some reason, CDRouter would be unable to interrupt it or start a new job.

  • Improved the performance of the web interface when loading and viewing large log files.

  • Resolved a display issue with the packet viewer when using Google Chrome or Firefox browsers on Linux platforms.

  • Resolved an issue with the cdrouter_dhcp_server_3 test case where the wrong MAC address would be used.

  • Resolved an issue where ERROR messages printed in the log seemed to be invisible unless the cursor hovered over it.

  • CDRouter’s WAN DHCP server will now detect if the DUT’s WAN DHCP client lease expires during a test run. If the lease expires CDRouter will wait up to 150 seconds for the DUT to renew the address before proceeding to the next test case. If the DUT does not renew the address CDRouter will display a warning in the test log indicating that subsequent tests may fail because the DUT no longer has a valid address.

  • When creating a new configuration from the web interface, the config will remain in edit mode until explicitly closed. The Create button has also been renamed Save. These changes result in behavior that is now identical to the previous web interface.

  • Support for WEP-40 and WEP-104 based group ciphers for WPA Pre-Shared Key has been deprecated and will be removed from future releases of CDRouter.

CDRouter TR-069

  • CDRouter’s ACS now has additional checks to ensure that the TCP connection for the current CWMP session is closed before initiating a new CWMP session.

  • Resolved an issue with od128_test_8.3 and od128_test_8.4 related to the new ACS file server credentials added in the initial release of CDRouter 10.0.

CDRouter Multiport

  • Resolved a logic issue with the cdrouter_firewall_101 test case when run in a multiport configuration with multiple LAN interfaces defined.

  • Resolved a fatal error during start in IPv6 only configurations when two or more LAN interfaces were used.

  • Resolved an issue in the cdrouter_basic_10 test case when run in configurations that included multiple LAN interfaces and subnets.

CDRouter Performance

  • Resolved an issue where the UDP loss percentage was reported as NaN%.

  • Resolved a UDP sequence numbering issue by increasing to a 64-bit counter instead of a 32-bit counter.

  • Reduced the log file size of the UDP performance test cases by suppressing the ‘OUT-OF-ORDER’ messages from being displayed in the log file. The summary displayed in the log still provides the total count of UDP datagrams that are received ‘out-of-order’.

  • Resolved an issue where the wireless performance settings for LAN-to-LAN test cases were not being used if only a secondary interface was configured as wireless.

  • Resolved an issue when a DUT does not advertise an IPV6 prefix to the performance LAN client. CDRouter incorrectly assumed a prefix length of 0, instead of /64.

  • Resolved an issue where CDRouter was putting a WARNING message in the log erroneously indicating that the IPv6 DHCP lease time for the Performance LAN client was 0.

  • Resolved an issue when perfPingEnable was enabled, the LAN-to-LAN Performance tests would not run.

CDRouter 10.0 Build 10 May 24, 2016

New Features and Enhancements


  • New test case for verifying the DHCP lease time given to a LAN client

    The new cdrouter_dhcp_server_5 test case can be used to verify the lease time given to an IPv4 LAN client. The lease time may be specified with the newly added testvar dhcpClientLeaseTime.

CDRouter TR-069

  • New validation commands available in CWMP Scenario Testing feature

    The CWMP Scenario Testing feature now allows GetParameterValues responses to be checked using regular expressions and custom TCL code blocks, allowing more thorough validation of parameters in the DUT’s TR-069 data model. See the CWMP Scenario Testing section of the CDRouter TR-069 User Guide for details and examples.

  • New test case to verify the DUT’s behavior in response to a 8005 “retry request” fault code

    The new tr69_320 test case verifies that the DUT will resend a CWMP message when the ACS responds with a 8005 “Retry request” fault code. The BBF TR-069 Amendment 5 specification requires clients to immediately resend the request within the same CWMP session.

CDRouter IPv6

  • New test case for verifying that the DHCPv6 address given to a LAN client is from within a specific address pool

    The new dhcpv6_server_2 test case can be used to verify that a DHCPv6 client on the LAN is given an IPv6 address from within the address pool configured on the DUT. The DUT’s IPv6 address pool is defined by the testvars ipv6DhcpClientStart and ipv6DhcpClientEnd.

  • New test case for verifying the DHCPv6 valid lifetime given to a LAN client

    The new dhcpv6_server_3 test case can be used to verify the valid lifetime given to an IPv6 LAN client. The lifetime may be specified with the newly added testvar ipv6DhcpClientValidLifetime.

  • New test case for verifying DHCPv6 options provided by the client

    The new dhcpv6_150 test case can be used to verify that a DHCPv6 client includes certain options in the DHCPv6 messages that it sends to the server. To run this test the new wildcard testvars wanDhcpv6ClientOptionCode and wanDhcpv6ClientOptionCode must be enabled and properly configured for the option(s) that you wish to validate. Up to 16 instances of these testvars can be defined.

New Test Modules and Test Cases


  • New DHCP server lease time test case

    TEST CASE: cdrouter_dhcp_server_5
    MODULE: dhcp-s
    DESCRIPTION: Verify DHCP server returns IP address with expected lease time

CDRouter TR-069

  • New CWMP 8005 “Retry request” fault code test case

    TEST CASE: tr69_320
    MODULE: tr69
    DESCRIPTION: Verify CWMP 8005 fault method retry behavior

CDRouter IPv6

  • New DHCPv6 server address pool test case

    TEST CASE: dhcpv6_server_4
    MODULE: dhcpv6-s
    DESCRIPTION: Verify DHCP server returns address within configured pool
  • New DHCPv6 server valid lifetime test case

    TEST CASE: dhcpv6_server_3
    MODULE: dhcpv6-s
    DESCRIPTION: Verify server returns IP address with expected valid lifetime
  • New DHCPv6 client vendor defined options test case

    TEST CASE: dhcpv6_150
    MODULE: dhcpv6-c
    DESCRIPTION: Verify DHCPv6 client includes vendor defined options

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • The Jobs page of the web interface now contains a “Schedule Again” button to allow selected jobs to be repeated without having to relaunch the associated test package.

  • Resolved an issue where some of the test cases in the firewall module would fail when they were run after test cases in the vservice test module within the same test package.

  • Results can now be starred directly from the detailed results view within the web interface. The star icon and the result ID are now displayed in the top left corner below the CDRouter logo.

  • Resolved an issue that allowed tags with invalid characters (including #, $, %, etc.) to be applied to resources using the Tags and Bulk Edit buttons.

  • Fixed a problem where the web interface did not correctly redirect the browser after logging a user in.

  • Updated the CDRouter migration tool cdrouter-migrate to handle errors in tag values. If a config/package/result has a tag containing invalid characters, those characters will be converted to hyphens (‘-’) during migration. Previously the item containing the tag would not be migrated.

  • Increased the clickable area around checkboxes in the web interface.

  • CDRouter now allows plain-text config files to be imported individually. A config file must end in ‘.conf’ in order for CDRouter to import it.

  • Resolved a fatal error in the cdrouter_firewall_101 test case in multiport LAN configurations where a port defined as part of a UDP virtual service is also included on the firewallUdpOpenPorts list.

  • Resolved a “Too many open files” error which prevented users from logging in to the web interface when the system was under load.

  • The Visualize package graph now displays results in order of newest to oldest rather than oldest to newest.

  • Highlighted log messages are now printed in the start log for any testvar values that have been overridden via the command line or additional package options. This enhancement makes it much easier to identify run-time changes to the config file.

  • Resolved a fatal error when running in PPTP mode on the WAN with GRE versions other than 0.

  • Resolved a system hang issue with the RestartDut when set to a value of echo -n.

  • Skipped, waiting, and pending tests are now filtered out by the Visualize tool when plotting the results for a test run. This resolves an issue where the wrong tests where linked to each individual point on the Visualize graph.

CDRouter TR-069

  • In CDRouter’s TR-069 data model profile tests, parameters defined to contain a list of a particular data type were being incorrectly encoded as that data type in outgoing requests from the ACS. CDRouter now correctly encodes such parameters as ‘string’ (eg. Device.DHCPv4.Server.Pool.1.DNSServers is now encoded as '<Value xsi:type="xsd:string">,</Value>').

  • The od128_test_8.3 test case now includes some additional checks to verify that the CPE did indeed download the correct file from the download server. These are the same checks that are performed in the od128_test_8.4 test case.

  • The tr69_131 test case has been updated. This test now includes a new initial step that loads the original firmware, specified by the testvar tr69DownloadOriginalImage, first. The test then proceeds to upgrade the firmware, specified by the testvar tr69DownloadImage, and then downgrade back to the original firmware, specified by the testvar tr69DownloadOriginalImage. This change allows this test to run after the existing download tests in the od128 test module without producing a false negative test result.

CDRouter Multiport

  • Resolved an issue where the guest_30 and ipv6_guest_30 test cases caused a failure if the NMAP add-on was not licensed.

CDRouter Performance

  • Resolved an issue where the Visualize Performance tool would not display graphs for large data sets with greater than 1,000 data points.

  • Resolved a statistical issue when using a non-default value for perfOmit, which sometimes erroneously showed a negative percentage for loss.

  • Improved support for a large number of UDP streams. In previous releases, the NTA1000 performance with a large number of UDP streams would drop off. This release allows the NTA1000 to maintain line rate speeds as the number of UDP streams is increased to the maximum.

  • Allow the testvar perfInterval to be set to a value of 0. When this testvar is set to 0, only the final performance metric is included in the log; performance statistics for each interval are omitted. This can be useful when testing with a large number of streams.

  • The bandwidth per stream is now automatically calculated when the testvars perfDownloadBandwidth, perfUploadBandwidth, or perfLantoLanBandwidth are set to 0.0 (which signifies maximum rate).


  • CDRouter now decodes and displays packets as SNMP when a non-standard SNMP port is used.

CDRouter 10.0 Build 11 June 21, 2016

New Features and Enhancements


  • Support for DHCPv4 Rapid Commit

    CDRouter’s DHCPv4 server and client now support the Rapid Commit option defined in IETF RFC 4039. Rapid Commit shortens the normal 4-message DHCP exchange by eliminating the DHCPOFFER and DHCPREQUEST messages from the exchange. When Rapid Commit is enabled, which is signified by the presence of DHCP option code 80, a shorter 2-message exchange may be used (DHCPDISCOVER –> DHCPACK).

    Rapid Commit support can be enabled within CDRouter’s DHCP server on the WAN using the new testvar dhcpServerRapidCommit. Likewise, Rapid Commit can be enabled within CDRouter’s LAN DHCP clients using the new testvar dhcpRapidCommit. These testvars should only be set to yes if the DUT’s WAN DHCP client and LAN DHCP server, respectively, support Rapid Commit.

  • New test cases for DHCPv4 Rapid Commit

    Two new test cases for DHCPv4 Rapid Commit have been added. The cdrouter_dhcp_31 test case verifies that the DUT’s WAN DHCP client supports the Rapid Commit option, while the cdrouter_dhcp_server_31 test cases verifies that the DUT’s LAN DHCP server supports the Rapid Commit option.

  • Testvars can now be set using the config bulk edit feature

    The bulk edit pop-up for configuration files now supports testvars. Using this feature testvar values can be changed in multiple configuration files with one operation.

CDRouter IPv6

  • New test case for DHCPv6 Rapid Commit on the WAN

    The dhcpv6_160 test case can be used to verify that the DUT’s WAN DHCPv6 client supports Rapid Commit option. In addition, Rapid Commit support within CDRouter’s WAN DHCPv6 server can now be enabled or disabled using the new testvar dhcpv6ServerRapidCommit.

New Test Modules and Test Cases


  • New DHCP Rapid Commit test for DUT’s WAN DHCP client

    TEST CASE: cdrouter_dhcp_31
    MODULE: dhcp-c
    DESCRIPTION: Verify client supports DHCP Rapid Commit option
  • New DHCP Rapid Commit test for DUT’s LAN DHCP server

    TEST CASE: cdrouter_dhcp_server_31
    MODULE: dhcp-s
    DESCRIPTION: Verify server supports DHCP Rapid Commit option

CDRouter IPv6

  • New DHCPv6 Rapid Commit test for DUT’s WAN DHCPv6 client

    TEST CASE: dhcpv6_160
    MODULE: dhcpv6-c
    DESCRIPTION: Verify client supports DHCPv6 Rapid Commit option

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • Resolved an issue with the testlist portion of the Package editor. In earlier releases selecting an individual test case would select all instances of that test case in the test list, not just the one instance that was selected. This issue has been resolved in this release.

  • Resolved an issue with the test log annotation navigation arrows.

  • Updated reference link to’s Update Specification in in cdrouter_dyndns_10.

  • Highlighted log messages are now printed in the start log if the config file has been overridden via the command line or additional package options. This enhancement makes it much easier to identify when the default test package config file has been overridden with an alternate config file at run time.

  • Resolved an issue with the cdrouter CLI when the -wait option was used in conjunction with the -jobid option. Previously some CLI commands launched with these options would not return, which caused problems with automation scripts.

  • Resolved various issues associated resource tags that contain invalid characters. Tags are now validated when applied, and can only contain letters, numbers, dots, hyphens, spaces, and underscores.

  • Resolved an issue when restarting a test package and specifying a test to begin and end at would potentially skip tests defined between them.

  • Updated the cdrouter_vservice_40 test to handle cases where the DUT fails to translate the source IP address when forwarding packets to the virtualUdpServiceHost address. The test will now fail in this situation.

CDRouter IPv6

  • Resolved an option parsing issue when processing certain DHCPv6 Solicit packets.

  • CDRouter will now automatically set the O-bit in Router Advertisements sent on the WAN whenever prefix delegation is enabled.

CDRouter Performance

  • Resolved an issue in the final displayed output when perfInterval is set to ‘0’ and multiple streams are configured.

CDRouter Live

  • When creating the secure connection between CDRouter and its paired Live server, CDRouter validates the server certificate sent. Part of the check involves a DNS Request being sent. CDRouter changed the behavior to send this request over UDP instead of TCP.



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