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CDRouter 10.1 Release Notes

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Release History

Release Type Release Number Release Date
Original CDRouter 10.1 Build 2 August 16, 2016
Maintenance Release 1 CDRouter 10.1 Build 3 September 13, 2016
Maintenance Release 2 CDRouter 10.1 Build 4 October 6, 2016

Note: CDRouter 10.1 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Old config files can be automatically upgraded to include all new CDRouter 10.1 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

CDRouter 10.1 Build 2 August 16, 2016

New Features and Enhancements


  • New device manager

    A powerful new device manager has been added to CDRouter’s web interface! This feature makes it very easy to catalog the various devices that are connected to a CDRouter system. Information such as model number, firmware version, serial number, etc. can all be a viewed in a single place for each device that has been defined.

    Files can also be uploaded to the CDRouter system and associated with devices. This makes it possible to store and organize device firmware images, configuration files, certificates, etc. directly within CDRouter’s web interface.

    CDRouter test results can be automatically associated with individual devices, making it very easy to quickly sort and view results by device. For more information, please see this Knowledge Base article.

  • Support for HTTP/2

    CDRouter now supports HTTP/2 and has two new test modules for verifying HTTP/2 connections, with and without TLS encryption, through the DUT.

  • Match highlighting in config files

    The config editor now supports match highlighting. This feature provides a few different UI enhancements:

    • When text within the config file is selected, any matches will be automatically highlighted in a light green color and a light green indicator will be displayed in the scrollbar.

    • When the config file is searched (using the Find button), any matches will be automatically highlighted in a light yellow color and a light yellow indicator will be displayed in the scrollbar.

    "Match Highlighting"

    Match highlighting is case sensitive. Indicators are also only displayed for matches within fully expanded sections. Using the Expand All option is recommended to maximize the usefulness of the match highlighting feature.

  • New timestamp format in log files

    Log files now display the timestamp as the first field. In addition, the timestamp can be either a short format (just the time) or a long format (both the date and time). The long format is always stored in the actual log file. To select the format displayed in the web interface, there is now a pull down list in the ADMIN -> SYSTEM -> Preferences page.

    "New Timestamp Format"

  • Enhanced log file navigation within the web interface

    It is now possible to jump directly to a specific line in a log file within the web interface. For example, to jump to line 107 of a log file, add a hash followed by the line number to the URL:


    Note that the URL hash can also be modified to jump to another line without requiring a full page refresh.

  • Log viewer now supports expanding and collapsing of test sections

    Sections are used to break test logs into pieces in order to make parsing through results easier. A new feature has been added allowing the user to expand/collapse each log section or all log sections. Clicking on a log section header (brown line) will toggle whether that section is expanded or collapsed.

    There are also two links at the top of the page to expand or collapse all log sections. In addition, there are up and down arrows next to each section that can be used to jump to the previous or next section. Note that this feature is only available for log files viewed from the results page, not live/running results.

    "CDRouter 10.1 section navigation"

CDRouter IPv6

  • Support for HTTP/2 over IPv6

    CDRouter now also supports HTTP/2 over IPv6 and has two new test modules for verifying HTTP/2 connections, with and without TLS encryption, through the DUT.

CDRouter TR-069

  • Restructuring of data model profile tests

    CDRouter’s TR-069 data model verification tests have been renamed and reorganized. This update aligns CDRouter with the overall structure and naming convention now used by the Broadband Forum for the CPE WAN management protocol (CWMP).

    Test cases are now grouped by root or service data model as opposed to specification (root and service data models can include profiles from multiple specifications). Test module names are also now more descriptive and are comprised of the root or service object name and version. For example, the new InternetGatewayDevice1_profiles test module includes tests for all of the profiles defined in the InternetGatewayDevice:1 root data model.

    Likewise, test case names are now more descriptive and are comprised of the root or service object name, the profile name, and a short abbreviation of the test type. For example, the GetParameterNames test for the Baseline profile within the InternetGatewayDevice root data model is now named InternetGatewayDevice_Baseline_gpn_1 as opposed to tr098_profile_1, as it was in previous releases.

    Aside from the organizational changes listed above, all tests are identical to previous releases. The same seven tests are available for each defined profile, and test names now include a short abbreviation that makes it easy to map a test name to the type of test being executed:

    Test Abbreviation Test Name
    *_gpn_1 Verify * Profile using GetParameterNames from top level
    *_gpn_walk_2 Verify * Profile using GetParameterNames walk at each level
    *_gpn_req_3 Verify * Profile parameters with ‘Write’ requirement have Writable flag
    *_gpv_4 Verify * Profile using GetParameterValues RPC
    *_spv_5 Verify * Profile using SetParameterValues RPC
    *_ado_6 Verify * Profile using AddObject and DeleteObject on all creatable objects
    *_gpn_and_gpv_7 Verify * Profile using GetParameterValues for all GetParameterNames full paths

    The test modules required to validate the three root data models currently defined by the Broadband Forum are included with the CDRouter TR-069 add-on. Test modules for verifying the the six currently defined service data models are included with the optional TR69-EDM add-on. The following table lists the required add-ons for each new test module:

    Test Module Required Add-ons
    InternetGatewayDevice1_profiles TR-069
    Device1_profiles TR-069
    Device2_profiles TR-069
    FAPService1_profiles TR-069 + TR69-EDM
    FAPService2_profiles TR-069 + TR69-EDM
    STBService1_profiles TR-069 + TR69-EDM
    StorageService_profiles TR-069 + TR69-EDM
    VoiceService1_profiles TR-069 + TR69-EDM
    VoiceService2_profiles TR-069 + TR69-EDM

    Users are encouraged to update all test packages to use the new profile test module and test case names defined in this release. For any packages that are not updated, CDRouter will map the old names to the new names and attempt to execute the correct tests from this release.


  • New SNMP Scenario Testing module

    A new test module, snmp_scenarios.tcl, has been added allowing users to define their own custom SNMP scenario “scripts” to send SNMP requests to the DUT for any MIB object and verify the values returned. This adds a lightweight interface to add new SNMP tests without having create fully developed test cases using TCL. See the SNMP Scenario Testing section of the CDRouter SNMP User Guide for details on how to create a new scenarios script file and add it to your CDRouter test configuration.

  • New SNMP SetRequest test cases

    The new snmp_400, snmp_wan_400, ipv6_snmp_400, and ipv6_snmp_wan_400 test cases can be used to verify that an SNMP agent allows a SetRequest on the read/write SNMPv2-MIB::sysName.0 OID .

CDRouter Performance

  • Maximum number of streams increased

    The max number of streams allowed for performance tests has been increased from 125 to 500. The number of streams can be configured using the testvar perfStreams.

  • New stream increment feature

    The number of streams can be automatically incremented whenever a performance test is run multiple times in a package. The beginning number of streams is set with perfStreams and the increment value is set with the new testvar perfStreamIncr.

  • Support for running the LAN-to-LAN performance tests in Live mode

    The IPv4 and IPv6 LAN-to-LAN performance test modules can now be run in ‘Live’ mode, when the testvar wanLiveEnable is set to yes.

New Test Modules and Test Cases


  • New HTTP/2 test modules

    MODULE: http2.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: HTTP/2 related test cases
    MODULE: http2-tls.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: HTTP/2 over TLS related test cases

CDRouter IPv6

  • New HTTP/2 test modules

    MODULE: http2-v6.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: IPv6 HTTP/2 related test cases
    MODULE: http2-tls-v6.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: IPv6 HTTP/2 over TLS related test cases


  • New SNMP Scenario Testing module

    MODULE: snmp_scenarios.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: General SNMP configuration testing for user defined SNMP scenarios
  • New SetRequest test cases

    TEST: snmp_400
    MODULE: snmp.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify SNMP agent allows SetRequest on read-write OID
    TEST: snmp_wan_400
    MODULE: snmp-wan.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify SNMP agent allows SetRequest on read-write OID
    TEST: ipv6_snmp_400
    MODULE: snmp-v6.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify SNMP agent allows SetRequest on read-write OID
    MODULE: snmp-wan-v6.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify SNMP agent allows SetRequest on read-write OID

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • CDRouter’s web interface now displays a “spinner” at the top of the page to indicate when operations are in progress. A progress meter is also displayed as log files and other pages are being loaded.

  • A bug was fixed where CDRouter’s packet view was showing duplicate lines in some circumstances, even though the data in the packet was present only once.

  • A bug was fixed where sometimes selecting a packet in the log of a currently running test did not show the packet decode of that packet.

  • The layout of the sharing dialog in the web interface has been fixed so that multiple users and their descriptions no longer crowd each other.

  • Updated the vservice test module to work correctly in multiport environments with interfaces that don’t support virtual LAN clients.

  • The Jobs page of CDRouter’s web interface now displays an “Extra CLI Arguments” column containing any additional arguments that may have been specified with the test package when it was launched.

  • The default value for the unknownPassthrough has been changed from “no” to “yes”. This value will be used if the testvar is not explicitly defined in the config file.

  • The layout of the log viewer within the web interface has been tweaked slightly to improve compatibility with long test case names. As part of this change the navigation buttons have been relocated from the center to the right side of the top pane.

  • The default value for the testvar ftpPortTimeout has been increased from 80 to 120 seconds for consistency with the TCP maximum segment lifetime.

  • Resolved an issue with the Visualize tool when displaying graphs for large test runs. The Visualize tool now caps and displays only the first 2k points for all test runs.

  • The /api/v1/results/:id/?updates API endpoint has been updated. This endpoint will now send back a successful response with the current state of the result instead of returning a 400 result is not running” JSON error which would bubble up to the web UI as well.

  • Resolved a session cookie browser issue that produced an error in some situations when downloading export or logdir archives from the web UI.

  • A new log message type, NOTICE, has been introduced and is now used instead of the IMPORTANT message type. This change aligns CDRouter’s logs with the standard format defined by syslog.

  • The new log message type SECTION is now used to mark the start of each new test section in the log file. This change makes it easier to identify and navigate through the sections within a log file.

  • The testvar wanAtmInterface has been deprecated and will be removed from future releases of CDRouter. The wanInterface now supports defining ATM interfaces directly:

    testvar wanInterface 0.0.35
  • A bug has been fixed in the cdrouter_dhcp_server_700 test where the expected DNS server provided by the DUT is now specified by the testvar lanDnsServer rather than lanIp as it was previously.

  • The dns_200 and dns_201 tests (and all variants) have been modified to provide better failure messages.

  • The importing of very large results has been improved. Previously, CDRouter was running out of memory in some cases.

  • A bug was fixed in the cdrouter_https_250 test related to chunked data not getting parsed correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where trying to restart a package by selecting just failed tests actually ran failed and skipped test from the previous run of the package.

  • CDRouter no longer supports WEP-40 and WEP-104 based group ciphers for WPA Pre-Shared Key. The wpaGroupCipher no longer supports these modes.

  • Updated the cdrouter_dhcp_server_5 test to resolve a fatal error when the DUT’s DHCP server does not provide an address to CDRouter’s LAN DHCP client.

  • Fixed a problem in the vservice module that caused tests to fail for ports that were not within the range defined by portScanStart and portScanStop

  • Fixed a problem in the cdrouter_vservice_40 test case that caused it to fail in cases where the virtualLANTransType is set to private.

  • A new testvar, dnsForwardServerStatus, has been introduced to indicate whether the DUT is expected to forward DNS Server Status Request messages or not. The dns_150, dns_tcp_150, ipv6_dns_150 and ipv6_dns_tcp_150 tests now use this testvar to determine pass/fail results.

  • Resolved a fatal error in the cdrouter_sip_200 and cdrouter_sip_tcp_200 test cases when LAN clients do not receive an IP address from the DUT.

  • Resolved an issue where all custom modules/tests were skipped when lanInterface was set to ‘none’.

  • Resolved a web server crash when starting up on systems that have have link local IPv4 addresses configured. The web server now properly binds to interfaces with link local IPv4 addresses and no longer crashes.

  • Updated CDRouter’s DNS packet parser to better handle malformed responses from the DUT. This enhancement addresses a fatal error that was reported in the dns_120 test case.

  • Resolved a fatal error in the dns_120 test case when processing certain malformed DNS packets from the DUT.

  • Updated the “clickable” area around symbols in the package editor to make deleting and expanding items in the Test List easier.

CDRouter IPv6

  • Resolved an issue with the dhcpv6_160 test case and other tests in the dhcpv6-c test module when processing DHCPv6 packets from the client that contain 10 or more DHCPv6 options.

  • Updated constraint check for dhcpv6WanAssignNextPrefix to ensure it is on a different network from dhcpv6WanAssignPrefix

CDRouter TR-069

  • Updated the od128_test_23.1 test case to work correctly when the ACS is running with an IPv6 address.

  • Updated the tr69_320 test case to use the TCP session key instead of the session cookie when determining if the Inform was sent in the same session. The 9008 fault string sent by the ACS in this test was also updated from “Retry requested” to “Retry request” for consistency with TR-069 Amendment 5.

CDRouter Multiport

  • The cdrouter_wanfail_10 test case requires DHCP on all WAN interfaces and will now be automatically skipped if DHCP is not the configured mode on any enabled WAN interfaces.

CDRouter Performance

  • The perf-lan and perf-lan-v6 tests are now skipped if the testvar supportsPerformance is set to a value of no.

CDRouter Live

  • Relaxed the restriction on skipping the entire dos.tcl module in ‘Live’ mode. The following tests are now allowed when wanLiveEnable is set to yes: cdrouter_dos_1, cdrouter_dos_2, cdrouter_dos_10, cdrouter_dos_30, and cdrouter_dos_32.

CDRouter Storage

CDRouter 10.1 Build 3 September 13, 2016

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • The web interface now stores the hide/show comments setting for a log file as a URL parameter. This allows users to share links to log files that will open with all comments displayed.

  • CDRouter’s web interface now uses a Unix socket instead of a TCP socket for internal communication with the cdrouter-cli command. This change should be transparent to all users and provide a small increase in performance. This change also eliminates a possible startup error due to conflicts with other system services related to the talkback port which is no longer used.

  • Resolved a fatal error in the cdrouter_app_10 test case when running in multi-WAN configurations.

  • Exclamation points “!” can now be used in tag names within the web interface

  • Config file names may no longer contain backslash ('\') or forward slash ('/') characters. Launching existing test packages with config files whose name contains either of these characters may result in a system error.

  • Updated CDRouter to ensure that the results for a test run contain all of the tags from both the test package and the config file associated with the results.

  • Resolved an issue with the timestamps that are generated for results less than a week old on the Trending Results graph.

  • Resolved an issue with the cdrouter -running command not returning the correct status for a system with more than 25 completed jobs in the job queue.

  • The Recent Results table for a device within the web UI has been updated with a new column that displays the package name.

  • Resolved an issue where a RADIUS server could not be created on a secondary LAN interface in a 802.1x (WPA-Enterprise) scenario.

  • Updated the package editor to ensure the user is prompted before navigating to another page, if there are unsaved changes pending.

  • If multiple test packages are launched at the same time, CDRouter will now ensure that they are added to the Job Queue in the same order they were listed.

  • The cdrouter_nat_520 test case was updated to test the same conditions for ‘port-restricted’ NAT devices as it does for other NAT modes. The test now verifies that ‘port-restriced’ NAT devices do not forward packets from the WAN that have a different IPv4 address and the same source port as an existing mapping.

  • Resolved an issue in cdrouter_dhcp_server_3, where in a multiport scenario, not all interfaces where checked for an existing MAC address before creating new host with a conflicting MAC address.


  • Resolved an issue where snmp_wan_204 and ipv6_snmp_wan_204 were not skipped if lanInterface was set to none. Even though these test SNMP on the WAN interface of a DUT, they require that a LAN interface is available and active.

CDRouter Performance

  • Resolved an issue where the tests in CDrouter Performance add-on were unable to run within a topology that include a DHCP Relay and multiple routing hops between the performance client and server instances.

CDRouter 10.1 Build 4 October 6, 2016

New Features and Enhancements


  • New navigation option for jumping to a specific page within the UI

    A ‘Go To Page’ text box is now available on the Devices, Configurations, Packages and Results index pages within the web UI. This makes navigating to specific pages on systems with large indexes much easier.

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • Resolved an issue with the dns_100 when the DUT uses the 3rd and 4th WAN DNS servers specified by the testvars wanBackupDnsServer2 and wanBackupDnsServer3, respectively.

  • CDRouter’s general purpose WAN HTTP server now supports CSS files. All CSS files will be now be returned with a content-type header of text:css.

  • Clicking on a packet in the log viewer opens the decode window and now stores the packet number as a ?decode= URL parameter. When a URL containing a ?decode= parameter is opened, CDRouter’s log viewer will scroll to line and open the packet decode window automatically.

  • The default value of the testvar wanNatIp has been changed from the next IP address after the wanIspIp to the value of wanIspAssignIp.

  • Resolved a UI issue on the Results page, where really long ‘Configuration’ file names did not wrap and could potential cover up the ‘Device’ name.

  • Fixed a problem with the dhcpServerMac testvar that caused LAN clients not to match the DUT’s source MAC address when receiving DHCP/DHCPv6 responses.

  • The web API has been updated to support more test result log filtering options. For more information, please see the web API test log documentation.

  • The test description for cdrouter_basic_1 has been updated and clarified. This test performs an ARP on the LAN for the default gateway IP learned by CDRouter’s LAN client.

  • The cdrouter_basic_10 test case has been updated to verify that the default gateway and subnet mask values provided by the DUT’s DHCP server on the LAN match the expected values in the config file, as defined by the testvars lanIp and lanMask, respectively. This ensures that the basic LAN settings in the CDRouter config file are consistent with the DUT’s actual running configuration.

  • The date format of the package Visualize graphs has been updated to more clearly indicate when each test result was run.

  • Enhanced the MAC address generation and check config function to help avoid MAC address conflicts within a configuration file and on virtualized interfaces.

CDRouter Multiport

  • Resolved an issue with CDRouter’s stack rotation logic on the LAN for IPv6 that would cause test cases to run against invalid interfaces in certain configurations.

CDRouter TR-069

  • Updated the cdrouter_cwmp_gpv_test and tr111_p2_1 test cases to support the Device:2 (TR-181 Issue 2) data model.

  • Corrected a misleading log message in the cwmp_scenario_1 test that indicated a SOAP Fault was expected.

CDRouter IPv6

  • Updated the config file constraints to prevent private IPv4 addresses from being used for IPv6 6to4 and 6rd setups. Such configurations are not valid and are incompatible with test modules that rely on external utilities, such as Nmap and SNMP.


  • Resolved an issue with the snmp_scenario_1 test. In SNMP Scenarios containing SetRequests with multiple OIDs, the SetRequest message sent to the DUT omitted all but one of the OIDs. CDRouter now sends SetRequest messages with all of the OIDs listed in the scenario file.

  • In the snmp_scenario_1 test, the results of SetRequest messages were not being reported in the log file. This has been fixed. SetRequests are now reported in the test log in the same way as GetRequest and GetNextRequest messages.

CDRouter Performance

  • Resolved an issue with the Configuration Checker when validating acceptable values for perfWanIpv6.



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