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CDRouter 10.6 Release Notes

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Release History

Release Type Release Number Release Date
Original CDRouter 10.6 Build 1 April 4, 2018

Note: CDRouter 10.6 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Old config files can be automatically upgraded to include all new CDRouter 10.6 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

CDRouter 10.6 Build 1 April 4, 2018

New Features and Enhancements


  • New package launch option for selecting configuration file

    CDRouter’s web UI and API now support the selection of a configuration file When launching or restarting a test package or testlist. This makes it possible to run a set of tests across multiple configurations without having to copy or create test packages for each combination.

    "Package Launch Window"

    For more information on this new feature, please refer to the Knowledge Base article found here.

  • New mDNS test case

    A new mDNS test case, mdns_13, has been added to verify that the DUT does not forward mDNS queries received on the LAN to the WAN.

  • Support for 5 Ghz wireless on the WAN (WAN AP mode)

    CDRouter now supports 5 GHz AP mode on the WAN. This makes it possible to test travel routers, WiFi range extenders, and other devices that support 5 GHz wireless on the WAN. Previously only 2.4 GHz AP mode was supported by CDRouter.

    This feature is only supported on the wlan0 wireless interface within NTA1000v5 systems running image version 5.2 or greater.

    For more information on how to enable and configure CDRouter’s WAN AP for wireless on the WAN testing, please see the User Guide.

CDRouter IPv6

  • New IPv6 mDNS test case

    A new IPv6 mDNS test case, ipv6_mdns_13, has been added to verify that the DUT does not forward IPv6 mDNS queries received on the LAN to the WAN.

  • Three new ICMPv6 test cases

    Three new ICMPv6 tests, icmpv6_32, icmpv6_33, and icmpv6_34, have been added. The icmpv6_32 test case verifies that the DUT sends a Time Exceed response when it receives an IPv6 packet with a Hop Limit of 1 on the WAN.

    The icmpv6_33 and icmpv6_34 tests verify that the DUT does not send a Time Exceeded and responds to inbound ICMPv6 Echo Request packets with a Hop Limit of 0 on the LAN and the WAN, respectively.

CDRouter TR-069

  • New TR-143 test module

    CDRouter now supports TR-143 performance testing over HTTP with the new tr143_http.tcl test module.

    The tr143_http test module includes a mix of functional, performance, and negative tests, including:

    • Tests for verifying the upload and download functionality of the DUT using various IPv4 and IPv6 address and domain based URLs
    • Tests that measure the DUT’s upload and download throughput
    • Tests that measure the DUT’s upload and download response time
    • Tests that simulate various error conditions and verify that the DUT properly reports these conditions to the ACS

    For more information please see the CDRouter TR-069 User Guide.

  • New test case for verifying CPE source port selection

    Section of TR-069 Amendment 5 states that ‘Each time the CPE first connects to the ACS after rebooting, it SHOULD use a different ephemeral TCP source port in order to avoid the possibility of reusing the same port that it used last time.’ A new test case, tr69_420, has been added to verify this recommendation.

  • New ACS and ACS download server certificates

    The ACS and ACS download server certificates shipped with CDRouter 10.5 and earlier releases will expire in June and August of 2018, respectively. These certificates have been updated and are now valid until March of 2020.

    The new certificates included with this release will be used automatically by CDRouter if HTTPS is enabled for TR-069. This may cause certain devices to fail the SSL handshake during start if they do not have the correct, new root certificate installed in their trusted CA store. This is likely to impact only older devices or devices running older firmware. Newer devices may have the correct root certificate installed by default.

    Please contact for more information.

  • Support for Custom CWMP Profiles in XML format

    Custom CWMP Profiles allow users to test their own extensions to the CPE data model. In previous versions of CDRouter, Custom Profiles had to be generated by hand by creating a specially-formatted text file. Users may now provide their own XML files containing custom CWMP Profiles and vendor-specific object and parameter definitions in the same standard format as the data model definition files published by the Broadband Forum. Custom Profiles in either format are supported by CDRouter. For more details on creating Custom Profiles, please see the CWMP Profile Testing section of the CDRouter TR-069 User Guide

New Test Modules and Test Cases


  • New mDNS test case

    TEST: mdns_13
    MODULE: mdns.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify DUT does not forward LAN mDNS query onto the WAN

CDRouter IPv6

  • New IPv6 mDNS test case

    TEST: ipv6_mdns_13
    MODULE: mdns-v6.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify DUT does not forward IPv6 LAN mDNS query onto the WAN
  • New IPv6 Hop Limit 0 test cases

    TEST: icmpv6_32
    MODULE: icmpv6.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify ICMPv6 Time Exceeded packet is sent when incoming Hop Limit is 1 on WAN
    TEST: icmpv6_33
    MODULE: icmpv6.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify DUT responds to ICMPv6 Echo Request with Hop Limit of 0 on the LAN
    TEST: icmpv6_34
    MODULE: icmpv6.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify DUT responds to ICMPv6 Echo Request with Hop Limit of 0 on the WAN

CDRouter TR-069

  • New TR-143 test module

    MODULE: tr143_http.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: TR-143 tests for performance diagnostics using HTTP
  • New CWMP source port verification test

    TEST: tr69_420
    MODULE: tr69.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify CWMP source port changes after reboot

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • On NTA1000 systems running image versions earlier than 5.0, all of test interfaces are set to UP state by default. As a result, these interfaces may obtain an IPv6 autoconf address and interfere with running tests. CDRouter will now log a warning message during start and remove the address before running tests when this condition is detected. [LH #3611]


  • Resolved a UI issue with the line/bar graph and pie chart on the ‘Home’ page. This page now properly updates when being actively viewed while tests are running. [LH #3536]

  • Changed the default page size system preference from 10 to 25, to better match current customer usage. The option to change this preference remains for each host and browser combination. Pages size options are (10, 15, 20, 25 and 50) and can be configured on the Preferences page within the web UI. [LH #3598]

  • Added additional validation for testvars that are defined as type ‘host-name’ within CDRouter’s config dictionary. This testvar type is now validated against the rules defined in RFC 3986 Appendix A. This resolves an issue with invalid domain name or host name testvar values that were passing the config check. [LH #3851]

  • Updated the cdrouter_dhcp_server_10 test case to first ARP for the address that will be requested to ensure that it is not in use by another host on the LAN. If the address is in use CDRouter will pick another address and repeat this process until a free address is found. This resolves a false negative test result due to CDRouter improperly requesting an address that was already in use by another host. [LH #3572]

  • Two new tools (cdrouter-backup and cdrouter-restore) have been developed to assist in the backup and restoration of CDRouter test results and system data. The cdrouter-backup tool will backup all CDRouter data on a system and copy it to a local or remote destination. The cdrouter-restore tool performs the inverse operation and restores the system from a saved backup. For more information on these tools please refer to this page or contact [LH# 3459]

  • Support for dynamic WEP has been deprecated and will be removed in the next major release of CDRouter. Dynamic WEP is a wireless security mode that uses 802.1X to exchange WEP keys and is configured within CDRouter by setting the testvar lanSecurity to a value of 802.1X-WEP. A deprecation warning will now be displayed in the start log of any test run that has dynamic WEP enabled. [LH #3615]

  • When copying resources in the web UI such as Configs, Packages, and Devices, the copies will be owned by the user making the copy, not the original owner of the resource. [LH #3387]

  • Resolved an issue in the rfc4787_req_5 and rfc4787_req_6 tests cases that could lead to invalid test failures. Previously the WAN UDP echo server used in these tests would always send UDP echo response packets back to the source port selected by the LAN client. If the DUT translated the source port of the outbound UDP echo request, the response would be sent to the wrong port resulting in a test case failure. The UDP echo server now sends responses back to the translated source port of the original request. [LH #3591]

  • The tests in the static.tcl module have been updated to support static routes on different LAN and/or WAN interfaces and subnets. [LH #3542]

  • CDRouter now maintains a global list of reserved MAC addresses. Any test that creates a new stack that has a specific IPv4 or IPv6 address associated with it will now reserve its MAC address. This ensures that MAC to IP mappings will remain consistent for duration of a test run, and that CDRouter will not use or assign reserved MACs. This modification will prevent erroneous test failures due to ARP cache poisoning by CDRouter. [LH #3541]

  • The “Pause between tests” Package option will now pause before the shutdown final phase as well as between tests. This makes it possible to leave CDRouter on at the end of test run, allowing features like ICS to continue running for data/log collection or internet access for firmware downloads etc. The only exception is if a fatal error occurs during the test run in which case CDRouter will shutdown immediately without pausing. [LH #3557]

  • Resolved an issue in the ipv6_frag_2 test case when run with configurations that set the jumboMtu testvar to a value greater than 3000. This test was not explicitly setting the MTU on the WAN to force fragmentation. This meant that for certain configurations with jumbo MTUs enabled fragmentation of the outbound packet would not occur. To resolve the MTU on the WAN is now explicitly set to 1280 bytes which will force fragmentation even if jumbo MTUs are enabled. [LH #3652]

  • Added additional config check for the staticRouteLanNextHop testvar to ensure that all next hops are on the correct LAN subnet. [LH #3606]

  • Updated the arp_3 test case to not clear the LAN client’s ARP cache at the start of the test. Previously the LAN client’s ARP cache would be cleared at the start of the test. If the DUT attempted to ping the LAN client during the test, the LAN client would have to ARP for the DUT’s IP, which would result in the DUT sending an ARP reply leading to a false positive test result. With this change the LAN client’s ARP cache is preserved, so the LAN client will not need to send an ARP request before sending a ping response to the DUT. [LH #3667]

  • Certain wireless cards have a power save mode that is enabled by default. Power save mode can have an effect on results, particularly performance tests. CDRouter now explicitly turns off power save mode for any wireless cards used in a test run. When the test run completes power save mode is set back to its default value. [LH #3678]

  • Added the ability to specify the keyword none for the testvar lanDomainName. This keyword means that the DUT will not provide a Domain Name as a DHCP option to any of the LAN clients. [LH #3498]

  • Resolved a file descriptor leak in cdrouterd that lead to an unresponsive CDRouter UI. [LH #3691]

  • Updated CDRouter’s multicast tests to work within a multi-hop topology where an intermediate router or CMTS is also running IGMP. [LH #3651]

CDRouter IPv6

  • Updated the static-v6.tcl module to ensure that all next-hop stacks utilize reserved MAC addresses. [LH #3541]

  • Updated the ula_10, 11, and 12 test cases to ensure that the WAN is fully disabled before checking for any changes in the DUT’s Router Advertisements. [LH #3564]

  • Updated the icmpv6_31 and ipv6_jumbo_11 test cases to resolve an issue that would prevent subsequent tests from being able to properly fragment and send large packets. [LH #3671]

  • Fixed a packet decoding problem in the mapt_42 test case. ICMPv4 packets mapped onto ICMPv6 by the DUT should now be decoded properly in the test log. [LH #3650]

  • Updated CDRouter’s multicast tests to work within a multi-hop topology where an intermediate router or CMTS is also running MLD. [LH #3651]

CDRouter TR-069

  • The od128_test_15.4 test case has been updated to send a GetParameterAttributes request for one parameter and one partial path (“InternetGatewayDevice.Services.STBService.1.Capabilities.VideoDecoder.”). The test had previously been sending a request for two parameters when the tr69DeviceType testvar was set to “STB”. [LH #3594]

  • The ACS has been updated to support the acsWaitForConnectionRequest testvar setting with XMPP connection requests. Previously, only HTTP connection requests were affected by this testvar. [LH #3529]

  • The tr69_400 has been updated to support Device:1 and Device:2 implementations. [LH #3620] [LH #3617]

  • Updated the tr69_400 test case to include two hops on the WAN so that the structure of the RouteHops table returned by the DUT can be properly validated. Previously, this test used a destination that was only one hop away. [LH #1786]

  • Resolved an issue where the ACS fails to retransmit its TCP SYN segment when initiating an HTTP Connection Request to the DUT. [LH #3592]

CDRouter Nmap

  • CDRouter will now send a Neighbor Solicitation for the DUT’s IPv6 global unicast address at the start of each IPv6 Nmap test. The address provided by the DUT in the associated Neighbor Advertisement will be used as the target address of the test. [LH #3587]

  • Nmap has been updated from version 7.40 to 7.60. [LH #3570]

CDRouter Multiport

  • CDRouter no longer applies the dhcpClientOptionCode, dhcpv6ClientOptionCode, and dhcpv6ServerOptionCode testvars (and associated “Data” testvars) globally across all of CDRouter’s LAN and WAN interfaces. These testvars are now supported within Multiport interface definitions. This permits DHCP clients and servers on each interface to supply their own unique set of additional DHCP/DHCPv6 options to the DUT.


  • The docsis_dhcp_20 test was updated to address a fatal error that occurred when running the test in an environment without any eRouter IPv4 or IPv6 address configured (wanMode and ipv6WanMode both set to “none”) [LH #3670]



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