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How do I enable JavaScript in my Browser?

The CDRouter Lounge website uses JavaScript to implement the dynamic content it provides. This includes viewing and downloading license files and new software releases of CDRouter. By necessity, whichever web browser used must have JavaScript enabled to access the site. (FYI - the same is true for accessing the CDRouter product’s UI)

If your workstation has JavaScript disabled due to an Administrative Policy set by the IT Department or equivalent, you may have to contact them to have JavaScript enabled on your workstation.

If your workstation has Administrator access and you are permitted to make local configuration changes, there are two ways that JavaScript could be disabled.

JavaScript is Disabled Globally

JavaScript may be enabled/disabled globally in the browser preferences. For example, in the Google Chrome web browser, to enable JavaScript you can find the global setting in Settings->Privacy and security->Site Settings->JavaScript. Other web browsers will have similar menus allowing for the global activation of JavaScript.

JavaScript is Disabled Per Website

Other times, JavaScript is selectively enabled per website. Again, in most web browsers, you can allow or block specific URLs that can or cannot run JavaScript. This is typically located in the same menu as the global setting.