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This testvar specifies the MAC address of the DUT’s DHCP client. If not specified, CDRouter’s WAN DHCP server will respond to messages received from any DHCP client. If specified, CDRouter’s WAN DHCP server will respond only to messages received from the DHCP client whose client identifier option matches the value of this testvar.

This testvar is useful for limiting CDRouter’s DHCP server responses to a single client (the DUT) in shared environments where multiple clients may be present.

Note: Prior to CDRouter 13.9, this testvar was also used to limit CDRouter’s DHCPv6 server responses to a single client. Starting with CDRouter 13.9, this DHCPv6 specific functionality has been migrated to the ipv6WanDutDuid testvar instead. For backwards compatibility with older configurations, if dhcpClientMac is configured and ipv6WanDutDuid is not, an IPv6 DUID will be generated automatically by CDRouter at runtime based on the dhcpClientMac value. This backwards compatibility functionality is temporary and will be removed in a future release. Once removed, users will be required to configure dhcpClientMac and ipv6WanDutDuid independently for DHCP and DHCPv6, respectively.