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This testvar must be explicitly defined in the configuration file

This testvar can appear multiple times in a configuration file. Each instance must take the form filteredMacId with starting at 1. Up to 10 instances of this testvar may be defined.


These testvars represent MAC addresses that are filtered by the DUT.

This parameter specifies the NIC portion of the MAC address. This value is appended to testvar cdrouterOui to form the full MAC address.

If the DUT is configured to deny filtered MAC addresses, these should be denied.

If the DUT is configured to allow filtered MAC addresses, these should be allowed.

The * should be replaced with the MAC address number such as 1, 2, 3, etc.

After defining an instance of this testvar, you may also define the corresponding instance of the following testvars: filteredMacIdIp This testvar was added in CDRouter 13.21