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Value Type


Default Value

This testvar must be explicitly defined in the configuration file

This testvar can appear multiple times in a configuration file. Each instance must take the form ipsecTunnelEndpoint with starting at 1. Up to 4096 instances of this testvar may be defined.


This value should be set to an IPv4 or IPv6 address that will be created by CDRouter-IKE to terminate the site-to-site tunnel. This is the same as the remote gateway value configured on the gateway under test. NOTE: This value should not on the same network as the WAN.

After defining an instance of this testvar, you may also define the corresponding instance of the following testvars: ipsecTunnelAuth, ipsecTunnelEncrypt, ipsecTunnelHost, ipsecTunnelIkeAuth, ipsecTunnelIkeEncrypt, ipsecTunnelIkeGroup, ipsecTunnelIkeLifetime, ipsecTunnelIkeMode, ipsecTunnelInAuth, ipsecTunnelInAuthKey, ipsecTunnelInboundSpi, ipsecTunnelInEncrypt, ipsecTunnelInEncryptKey, ipsecTunnelKeyType, ipsecTunnelLifetime, ipsecTunnelOutAuth, ipsecTunnelOutAuthKey, ipsecTunnelOutboundSpi, ipsecTunnelOutEncrypt, ipsecTunnelOutEncryptKey, ipsecTunnelPfsGroup, ipsecTunnelPsk, ipsecTunnelRemoteMask, ipsecTunnelRemoteNetwork, ipsecTunnelUsesNat