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The perfDownloadBandwidth specifies the target download bandwidth per stream, in Mbps, that CDRouter will attempt to transmit at during WAN-to-LAN performance tests.

The default value of 0 will result in CDRouter transmitting at the maximum bandwidth supported by the media type in use. For example, on a Fast Ethernet interface this will result in a transmit bandwidth of 100 Mbps.

If multiple streams are configured using the perfStreams testvar, the transmit bandwidth per stream will be automatically calculated by dividing the maximum supported bandwidth by the number of streams. For example, on a Fast Ethernet interface with the perfDownloadBandwidth testvar set to 0, and the perfStreams testvar set to 10, the transmit bandwidth of each stream will be automatically set to 10 Mbps.

Specifying any other numerical value up to the maximum of 10000.00 will result in CDRouter attempting to transmit at the specified rate. If the testvar perfDownloadBandwidth is set to a non-zero value and multiple streams are configured, the perfDownloadBandwidth must be manually set to a value that is the aggregate target download bandwidth divided by the number of streams. For example, if the target aggregate bandwidth is 500 Mbps with ten streams, the perfDownloadBandwidth testvar should be set to a value of 50 Mbps. This will result in CDRouter transmitting at 50 Mbps on 10 streams for a total aggregate bandwidth of 500 Mbps.

For single client performance tests, maximum download bandwidth is automatically capped at 10000 Mbps. For multi-client performance tests, the maximum aggregate download bandwidth is also automatically capped at 10000 Mbps.

Note that support for rates higher than 1000 Mbps requires an NTA1000v6 system equipped with 10 Gbps interfaces and a DUT with 2.5 / 5.0 / 10 Gbps interfaces.

Note that although the theoretical max is based on link speed (e.g. 1G or 10G), the effective maximum bandwidth is based on the protocol and transport chosen at test time. The effective maximum will be between 93%-95% of link speed. See CDRouter Performance Guide for more details.

This testvar was added in CDRouter 9.3