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Value Type


Default Value

This testvar must be explicitly defined in the configuration file

This testvar can appear multiple times in a configuration file. Each instance must take the form virtualUdpServicePort with starting at 1. Up to 4096 instances of this testvar may be defined.


Each virtual service describes a port mapping rule which allows hosts on the WAN to access specific services hosted by clients on the LAN side of the DUT. This parameter specifies the public port on the WAN used for this UDP virtual service. This public port will be mapped to a specific LAN host and port. Note that a range of a ports can be specified by separating them with a dash. Likewise, multiple individual ports can be specified by separating them with a comma.

Some UDP virtual service example configurations include:


Public TCP Port: 69 LAN Host IP: Name: tftp Lan Port: 69


Public TCP Port: 161 LAN Host IP: Name: snmp Lan Port: 161

Note that CDRouter will automatically take into consideration any configured virtual services when performing firewall related tests.

After defining an instance of this testvar, you may also define the corresponding instance of the following testvars: virtualUdpServiceHost, virtualUdpServiceLanPort, virtualUdpServiceName