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A TR-069 LAN-side device

knowledge-base version 13.3


The CDRouter TR-069 add-on module for CDRouter has the ability to test LAN-side devices, as defined in TR-106. TR-069 LAN-side devices are typically set-top boxes or VoIP endpoints that reside on the LAN side of the customer’s Internet Gateway Device (IGD) which may or may not support TR-069. The CDRouter TR-069 add-on currently supports automated PD-128 testing and data model profile testing for LAN-side devices.

In order to properly test a LAN-side device, CDRouter must have a way of communicating with it via TR-069 through the IGD. There are three ways that this communication channel can be established:

  • Static port mappings on the IGD which are manually created
  • Dynamic port mappings on the IGD which are created via TR-069 by CDRouter
  • TR-111 Part 2 support on the LAN-side device

For more information on these three options, please see Section 6 in the TR-069 User Guide.

Test Setup


  • CDRouter or CDRouter Multiport
  • The CDRouter TR-069 add-on module
  • Two network interfaces
  • One IGD, with or without TR-069 support
  • One TR-069 LAN-side device


Easily test TR-069 enabled LAN-side devices such as set-top boxes (STB) or voice-over-IP (VoIP) endpoints

Can be used to test devices that are operating in both load-balancing mode or failover mode

Automated PD-128 and data model profile testing for LAN-side devices

CDRouter currently supports TR-104, TR-135, and TR-106 LAN-side devices



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