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I received an invalid certification using HTTPS. What should I do?

knowledge-base version 13.10

When using HTTPS, the ACS configuration on the CPE may need to use the domain name of the ACS rather than the IP address in order to validate the ACS server certificate. The default server certificate for the ACS included with CDRouter is registered to the domain name CDRouter will automatically create a DNS entry for this domain name in its internal DNS servers. This domain name maps to the testvar acsIp.

The ACS URL configured on the CPE should use the domain name.

For example:

The CDRouter configuration file would be as follows.

testvar acsIp
testvar acsPort 443
testvar acsTransport https

Note that CDRouter will automatically map the testvar acsIp ( in the example above) to the domain name

Please see this Knowledge Base article for more information on common issues with TR-069 and SSL.



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