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Our statement on CentOS 8 Linux

knowledge-base version 12.15

January 2021

We acknowledge the recent decision by Red Hat to shift their focus to CentOS 8 Stream and officially end-of-life CentOS 8 Linux in 2021 instead of 2029 as originally scheduled. This abrupt and unexpected change in direction has impacted many companies and organizations worldwide, including QA Cafe.

All CDRouter users who have purchased NTA1000v7-S or NTA1000v7-10G platforms or that are running CentOS 8 Linux on other platforms will be affected. We are actively investigating alternatives to CentOS 8 Linux and are developing a migration strategy that will be communicated to all of our users no later than November of 2021.

Our commitment is to ensure that all users impacted by this change have the best experience possible. All CDRouter systems running CentOS 8 Linux will be fully operational and supported while we determine the best path forward.

Please feel free to contact our support team at any point with questions.



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