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Where can I find the most up to date SSL certificates for CDRouter's ACS and download server?

knowledge-base version 12.0

CDRouter TR-069 includes a number of different certificate files for SSL testing. All certificates are distributed in .pem format and located in the /usr/cdrouter/tests directory on the CDRouter host system.

Sectigo/Comodo Certificates (CDRouter 11.8 and Later)

The ACS and ACS Download certificates that were shipped with CDRouter beginning with CDRouter 10.6, expire in March 2020.

There are new ACS and ACS download server certificates, signed by Sectgo/Comodo, are shipped with CDRouter 11.8 MR1. These certificates are valid until March of 2022.

We changed the default domain name of the certificates from to However, they use the same root CA as the previous ones did.

Certificate Type File Expiration Date
ACS certificate January 29, 2022
Download server February 2, 2022
Intermediate CA December 31, 2030
Root CA May 30, 2020



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