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Why is CDRouter skipping some profile verification tests?

knowledge-base version 12.19

During startup, CDRouter will automatically parse the CPE’s initial Inform and learn which profiles are supported based on the DeviceSummary string. CDRouter will skip any test modules associated with profiles that are not being advertised by the CPE.

You can force CDRouter to run specific profile verification modules and tests even if the CPE does not support them by including the cwmpSupportedDataModel testvar in your configuration file. For example, to enable just the TR-098 Baseline profile and the TR-143 Download and DownloadTCP profiles, regardless of the value of the CPE’s DeviceSummary parameter, the cwmpSupportedDataModel testvar should be configured follows:

testvar cwmpSupportedDataModel {InternetGatewayDevice:1.1[](Download:1,DownloadTCP:1)}

You can also specify that a DUT supports all the latests profiles at a specific version of a data model like so:

testvar cwmpSupportedDataModel {Device:2.6 VoiceService:2.0}

You can also use the keyword “all” to enable all profiles:

testvar cwmpSupportedDataModel all

For more information, please see Section 7 in the CDRouter TR-069 User’s Guide.



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