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CDRouter BBF.069 Test Summaries

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Test Case Summaries

  • Modules: 26
  • Test Cases: 125

Below is a summary of the testcases in each module


Tests DHCPv4 options and functionality

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_001_DHCPv4_ACS_discovery DHCPv4.tcl ACS Discovery Using DHCPv4
5_003_DHCPv4_ACS_rediscovery DHCPv4.tcl ACS rediscovery Using DHCPv4
5_005_DHCPv4_Inform_retry DHCPv4.tcl DHCP Retry to the DHCPv4 Server
5_012_DHCPv4_null_term_URL DHCPv4.tcl Handling Null Terminated ACS URL Obtained From DHCPv4 Server


Tests DHCPv6 options and functionality.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_002_DHCPv6_ACS_discovery DHCPv6.tcl ACS Discovery Using DHCPv6
5_004_DHCPv6_ACS_rediscovery DHCPv6.tcl ACS Rediscovery Using DHCPv6
5_006_DHCPv6_Inform_retry DHCPv6.tcl DHCP Retry To The DHCPv6 Server
5_013_DHCPv6_null_term_URL DHCPv6.tcl Handling Null Terminated ACS URL Obtained From DHCPv6 Server


Tests the handling DHCP URL discovery.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_011_Same_mechanism_after_factoryReset DHCP_URL_Discovery.tcl Connection To ACS Uses Same Mechanism After Factory Reset


Tests the handling of sessions.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_007_session_init_term Sessions.tcl Session Initiation And Termination
5_008_session_init_term_no_rpc Sessions.tcl Session Initiation And Termination With No RPC
5_009_Persistent_TCP Sessions.tcl Persistent TCP Connection Across A Single CWMP Session
5_010_Multiple_TCP_conn Sessions.tcl Multiple TCP Connections Across A single CWMP Session
5_027_session_cookies_transactions Sessions.tcl Use of Multiple Session Cookies Across Transactions in a Session


Tests the handling of retrying sessions.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_028_session_retry Session_Retry.tcl Session Retry


Tests functionality specific to the ACS URL.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_014_DNS_server ACS_URL_Behavior.tcl Handling DNS Server Response
5_015_ACS_URL_mod ACS_URL_Behavior.tcl ACS Modifies URL
5_101_change_ACS_username_password ACS_URL_Behavior.tcl Change ACS Username And Password


Tests the behavior of Informs and Events.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_017_ACS_param_mod Events_Informs.tcl Parameters modified by ACS do not create a ‘4 VALUE CHANGE’ inform event to the ACS
5_018_event_discard_after_bootstrap Events_Informs.tcl Event Discard After Bootstrap Inform
5_019_conn_request Events_Informs.tcl Connection After Connection Request
5_020_conn_request_session_exists Events_Informs.tcl Connection Request While Session Exists
5_021_conn_after_interval Events_Informs.tcl Connection after PeriodicInformInterval
5_098_inform_ip_address_change Events_Informs.tcl Inform On IP Address Change
5_099_no_inform_ip_address_change Events_Informs.tcl No Inform On Reconnect With No IP Address Change
5_106_inform_matches_deviceinfo Events_Informs.tcl Inform Parameters Should Match DeviceInfo
5_107_device_timeout_acs_slow Events_Informs.tcl Device Times Out If ACS Is Slow


Tests the functionality of secure CWMP sessions.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_022_conn_SSL Secure_CWMP.tcl Connection Establishment using SSL 3.0
5_023_conn_TLS Secure_CWMP.tcl Connection Establishment using TLS
5_024_conn_TLS_1_2 Secure_CWMP.tcl Connection Establishment using TLS 1.2
5_025_commonName_validation Secure_CWMP.tcl Common Name Certificate Validation
5_026_invalid_SSL_certificate_reject Secure_CWMP.tcl Rejection of Invalid certificate
5_033_redirect_HTTPS_matching_certificate Secure_CWMP.tcl HTTP Redirection HTTPS with URL Matching Certificate
5_034_redirect_HTTPS_mismatched_certificate Secure_CWMP.tcl HTTP Redirection HTTPS with URL/Certificate Mismatch
5_108_certificates_used_no_ntp Secure_CWMP.tcl Use of Certificates In The Absence Of NTP


Tests the functionality of SOAP and HTTP.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_029_SOAP_response HTTP_SOAP.tcl SOAP Response in an HTTP Request
5_038_basic_authentication HTTP_SOAP.tcl HTTP Authentication - Basic Authentication
5_039_QOP_authentication HTTP_SOAP.tcl Qop Authentication setting
5_040_digest_authentication HTTP_SOAP.tcl HTTP Authentication - Digest Authentication
5_041_maximum_SOAP_message HTTP_SOAP.tcl Maximum SOAP Message Size
5_042_SPV_SOAP_Fault HTTP_SOAP.tcl SetParameterValues SOAP Fault Format
5_095_xml_namespace_prefix_validation HTTP_SOAP.tcl XML Namespace Prefix Validation
5_096_receive_chunked_encoding HTTP_SOAP.tcl DUT Receives Chunked Transfer Encoding
5_097_DUT_properly_encodes_and_decodes_XML_entities HTTP_SOAP.tcl DUT Properly Encodes And Decodes XML Entities
5_109_content_length_encoding HTTP_SOAP.tcl DUT Receives Content-Length Encoding


Tests the functionality of HTTP redirection.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_030_redirect_302 HTTP_Redirect.tcl HTTP Redirection Test - 302 Redirect
5_031_redirect_307 HTTP_Redirect.tcl HTTP Redirection Test - 307 Redirect
5_032_redirect_multiple_redirections HTTP_Redirect.tcl HTTP Redirection - Multiple Redirections
5_035_redirect_in_session HTTP_Redirect.tcl Redirection At Any Point In A Session
5_036_redirect_cookies HTTP_Redirect.tcl HTTP Redirection - Use Of Session Cookies
5_037_redirect_response_data HTTP_Redirect.tcl Redirect HTTP Response Contains Data


Tests the functionality of the GetRPCMethods RPC.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_043_GetRPCMethods GetRPCMethods.tcl 5_043_GetRPCMethods And Required RPCs


Tests the functionality of the GetParameterNames RPC.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_044_GPN_complete_path GetParameterNames.tcl GetParameterNames - Complete Path
5_045_GPN_complete_NLT GetParameterNames.tcl GetParameterNames - Complete Path - Next Level True
5_046_A_GPN_partial_NLT GetParameterNames.tcl GetParameterNames - Partial Path - Next Level True - Single-Instance Object
5_046_B_GPN_partial_NLT GetParameterNames.tcl GetParameterNames - Partial Path - Next Level True - Multi-Instance Object - Empty
5_046_C_GPN_partial_NLT GetParameterNames.tcl GetParameterNames - Partial Path - Next Level True - Multi-Instance Object - Nonempty
5_047_A_GPN_partial_NLF GetParameterNames.tcl GetParameterNames - Partial Path - Next Level False - Single-Instance Object
5_047_B_GPN_partial_NLF GetParameterNames.tcl GetParameterNames - Partial Path - Next Level False - Multi-Instance Object - Empty
5_047_C_GPN_partial_NLF GetParameterNames.tcl GetParameterNames - Partial Path - Next Level False - Multi-Instance Object - Nonempty
5_048_GPN_invalid_path GetParameterNames.tcl GetParameterNames - Invalid Path
5_049_GPN_entire_object_model GetParameterNames.tcl GetParameterNames - Entire Object Model


Tests the functionality of the GetParameterValues RPC.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_050_GPV_simple_complete_path GetParameterValues.tcl GetParameterValues - Simple Complete Path
5_051_GPV_multiple_complete GetParameterValues.tcl GetParameterValues - Multiple Complete Paths
5_052_GPV_partial_path GetParameterValues.tcl GetParameterValues - Partial Path
5_053_GPV_complete_partial GetParameterValues.tcl GetParameterValues - Complete and Partial Paths
5_054_GPV_entire_object_model GetParameterValues.tcl GetParameterValues - Entire Object Model
5_055_GPV_fault_condition GetParameterValues.tcl GetParameterValues - Fault condition


Tests the functionality of the SetParameterValues RPC.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_056_SPV_single_parameter SetParameterValues.tcl SetParameterValues - Single Parameter
5_057_SPV_multiple_parameter SetParameterValues.tcl SetParameterValues - Multiple Parameter
5_058_SPV_same_param_multiple_times SetParameterValues.tcl SetParameterValues - Same Parameter Multiple Times
5_059_SPV_atomic SetParameterValues.tcl SetParameterValues - Atomic Test


Tests the functionality of the GetParameterAttributes RPC.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_060_GPA_complete_path GetParameterAttributes.tcl GetParameterAttributes - Complete Path
5_061_GPA_multiple_complete_path GetParameterAttributes.tcl GetParameterAttributes - Multiple Complete Path
5_062_GPA_partial_path GetParameterAttributes.tcl GetParameterAttributes - Partial Path
5_063_GPA_complete_partial_path GetParameterAttributes.tcl GetParameterAttributes - Complete and Partial Path
5_064_GPA_invalid_param_name GetParameterAttributes.tcl GetParameterAttributes - Invalid Parameter Name
5_065_GPA_partial_path_empty GetParameterAttributes.tcl GetParameterAttributes - Partial Path Empty


Tests the functionality of the SetParameterAttributes RPC.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_066_SPA_Active_notif SetParameterAttributes.tcl SetParameterAttributes - Active Notifications
5_067_SPA_Active_notif_persist SetParameterAttributes.tcl SetParameterAttributes - Active Notifications Persistence
5_068_SPA_atomic SetParameterAttributes.tcl SetParameterAttributes - Atomic
5_069_SPA_complete_path_passive_notif SetParameterAttributes.tcl SetParameterAttributes - Passive Notification - Complete Path
5_070_SPA_partial_path_passive_notif SetParameterAttributes.tcl SetParameterAttributes - Passive Notification - Partial Path
5_071_SPA_complete_partial_path_passive_notif SetParameterAttributes.tcl SetParameterAttributes Passive Notification Complete and Partial Path
5_072_SPA_disable_notif SetParameterAttributes.tcl SetParameterAttributes Disable Notification
5_073_SPA_incorrect_param_name SetParameterAttributes.tcl SetParameterAttributes Incorrect Parameter Name


Tests the functionality of the Add and Delete Objects RPCs.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_074_addObject Add_Delete.tcl AddObject
5_075_addObject_error Add_Delete.tcl AddObject - Error Conditions
5_076_deleteObject Add_Delete.tcl DeleteObject
5_077_deleteObject_error Add_Delete.tcl Delete Object - Error Conditions


Tests the handling of Reboots and the functionality of the Reboot RPC.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_078_reboot Reboot.tcl Reboot
5_079_Manual_Reboot Reboot.tcl Manual Reboot


Tests the functionality of the Download RPC. This package requires editing of the config file to include complete Firmware paths.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_080_download Download.tcl Download Test - Basic Version Upgrade
5_081_download_queuing Download.tcl Download Test - Queuing
5_082_download_delay Download.tcl Download Test - Delay
5_083_download_retry Download.tcl Download Test - Session Retry


Tests the functionality of the Upload RPC.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_085_upload Upload.tcl Upload
5_086_upload_queuing Upload.tcl Upload - Queuing
5_087_upload_delay Upload.tcl Upload - Delay


Tests the functionality of various conditional functions and RPCs.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_016_ACS_URL_mod_3rd_party Optional_RPCs.tcl ACS URL Change On The DUT By Third Party Means
5_084_cancel_transfer Optional_RPCs.tcl CancelTransfer
5_088_ScheduleInform Optional_RPCs.tcl 5_088_ScheduleInform
5_089_factoryReset Optional_RPCs.tcl FactoryReset
5_094_all_queued_transfers Optional_RPCs.tcl 5_094_all_queued_transfers
5_100_enable_cwmp_to_false Optional_RPCs.tcl EnableCWMP Set To False
5_105_default_active_notification_throttle Optional_RPCs.tcl DefaultActiveNotificationThrottle Throttles Active Notifications


Tests the handling of common CWMP Faults.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_090_CWMP_Faults_basic_RPC CWMP_Faults.tcl CWMP Faults - Basic RPC Faults
5_091_CWMP_Faults_Download CWMP_Faults.tcl CWMP Faults - Download Failure
5_092_CWMP_Faults_Upload CWMP_Faults.tcl CWMP Faults Upload Failure


Tests the functionality of IPPing Diagnostics.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_093_diagnostics Diagnostics.tcl Run Diagnostics


Tests the functionality of Periodic Informs.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_102_periodic_inform_enable PeriodicInform.tcl PeriodInformEnable Enables Periodic Informs
5_103_periodic_inform_time_past PeriodicInform.tcl PeriodicInformTime In The Past Controls Periodic Inform
5_104_periodic_inform_time_future PeriodicInform.tcl PeriodicInformTime in the future controls Periodic Inform


Tests the handling of different boolean parameters.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_110_BPC BooleanParameterConfiguration.tcl Boolean Parameter Configuration


Tests the functionality of the DUT using XMPP.

Test Name Module Synopsis
5_111_xmpp_secure XMPP.tcl Establishing Secured Connection to XMPP Server
5_112_xmpp_maintain_connection XMPP.tcl Maintain Connection to XMPP Server
5_113_xmpp_srv_lookup XMPP.tcl SRV Lookup of XMPP Server
5_115_xmpp_reestablish XMPP.tcl Re-establish Connection to XMPP Server
5_116_xmpp_connect_before_cwmp XMPP.tcl Establish XMPP Connection before CWMP Session
5_117_xmpp_connect_success XMPP.tcl Successful XMPP Connection Request
5_118_xmpp_invalid_request XMPP.tcl Invalid XMPP Connection Request
5_119_xmpp_correct_jabber_id XMPP.tcl ConnReqAllowedJabberIDs Parameter Matches
5_120_xmpp_incorrect_jabber_id XMPP.tcl ConnReqAllowedJabberIDs Parameter Does Not Match
5_121_xmpp_bad_username XMPP.tcl ConnectionRequestUsername Parameter Does Not Match
5_122_xmpp_bad_password XMPP.tcl ConnectionRequestPassword Parameter Does Not Match



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