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testvar version 13.8

Value Type


Also-Accepted Values


Default Value

This testvar must be explicitly defined in the configuration file

This testvar can appear multiple times in a configuration file. Each instance must take the form dhcpClientOptionData with starting at 1.


You may configure additional DHCP client options for the CDRouter DHCP LAN client using testvars dhcpClientOptionCode* and dhcpClientOptionData. Client side options are configured the same way as the existing DHCP server side options. Each DHCP option is configured using 2 testvar entries for the DHCP option code and raw hex data for the option. The DHCP option data must be converted into the raw ascii hex format. NOTE: You do not need to include the total option length in the data portion since this will be computed automatically. You can configure a DHCP client option with no data by setting the dhcpClientOptionData testvar to the special value none.



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