CDRouter Support


testvar version 13.8

Value Type


Accepted Values

full-cone | address-restricted | port-restricted | none

Default Value

This testvar’s default value is computed dynamically and may not always be the value below. Please see the testvar’s description for details.



This option specifies the type of NAT implemented by the DUT, either address-restricted, port-restricted, or full-cone. CDRouter will adjust the expected outcome of certain test cases based on the NAPT type supported by the DUT. Setting natMode to ‘none’ indicates that the DUT does not perform NAT translation when forwarding traffic from the LAN to the WAN. In this case, the ‘nat.tcl’ test module will expect the DUT to forward traffic without NAT translation, but CDRouter will automatically skip any other test cases that rely on NAT.

If not defined in a LAN interface group, this testvar defaults to the value of natMode in the main testvar group.



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