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testvar version 13.9

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The perfOmit testvar is used to omit the first few seconds of a performance test. This may be used to ignore TCP slow start behavior or other functionality until the fast path is enabled.

Note: If this testvar is set to a non-zero value, it will impact the total test duration. If perfDuration is 30 and perfOmit is 3, then the test will run for 33 seconds. It will run for 3 seconds and then the timer will be reset and run for 30 seconds. Only the last 30 seconds of data will be used for performance calculations. Additionally, although this is primarily used to help with TCP throughput tests, it does apply to UDP throughput tests, as well. It is recommended that if perfOmit is given any non-zero value, then the value of the testvar perfDuration should be at least 30.

This testvar was added in CDRouter 9.3



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