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testvar version 13.9

Value Type


Accepted Values

noAuthNoPriv | authNoPriv | authPriv

Default Value

This testvar must be explicitly defined in the configuration file


SNMP v3 defines an optional set of security features that are designed to address the security deficiencies in SNMP v1/v2c. An SNMP v3 user can be configured with authentication, privacy or both. A user configured with authentication must provide a valid username and password. A user configured with privacy uses encryption to communicate confidentially with the SNMP agent.

This option specifies the SNMP v3 security settings for this SNMP user. Three different security levels are supported:

  • noAuthNoPriv: This user will send unauthenticated messages without encryption.

  • authNoPriv: This user will send authenticated messages without encryption.

  • authPriv: This user will send authenticated messages with encryption.

If this option is set to a value of authNoPriv or authPriv, the testvars snmpAuthProtocol, snmpAuthUsername, and snmpAuthPassword must all be defined for this user.

In addition, if this option is set to a value of authPriv, the testvars snmpPrivacyProtocol and snmpPrivacyPassword must be defined for this user.

This testvar was added in CDRouter 8.3



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