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testvar version 11.8

Value Type


Accepted Values

802.1X | 802.1X-256 | PSK | PSK-256 | SAE | SUITE-B | SUITE-B-192

Also-Accepted Values


Default Value

This testvar’s default value is computed dynamically and may not always be the value below. Please see the testvar’s description for details.



This parameter specifies the the 802.11 WPA key management suite(s) used by CDRouter’s WAN access point authenticator.

  • 802.1X - IEEE 802.1X
  • 802.1X-256 - IEEE 802.1X with SHA-256 key derivation
  • PSK - Pre Shared Key
  • PSK-256 - Pre Shared Key with SHA-256 key derivation
  • SAE - Simultaneous Authentication of Equals
  • SUITE-B - IEEE 802.1X using Suite B compliant EAP supporting SHA-256
  • SUITE-B-192 - IEEE 802.1X using Suite B compliant EAP supporting SHA-384

Only the folowing key management suites are allowed to be combined

  • 802.1X and PSK
  • PSK and SAE

This testvar was added in CDRouter 9.1



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