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testvar version 12.19

Value Type


Accepted Values

802.1X | 802.1X-256 | PSK | PSK-256 | SAE | SUITE-B | SUITE-B-192

Default Value



This parameter specifies the the 802.11 WPA key management suite(s) used by CDRouter’s WAN access point authenticator.

  • 802.1X - IEEE 802.1X
  • 802.1X-256 - IEEE 802.1X with SHA-256 key derivation
  • PSK - Pre Shared Key
  • PSK-256 - Pre Shared Key with SHA-256 key derivation
  • SAE - Simultaneous Authentication of Equals
  • SUITE-B - IEEE 802.1X using Suite B compliant EAP supporting SHA-256
  • SUITE-B-192 - IEEE 802.1X using Suite B compliant EAP supporting SHA-384

Only the folowing key management suites are allowed to be combined

  • 802.1X and PSK
  • PSK and SAE

This testvar was added in CDRouter 9.1



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