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testvar version 13.9

Value Type


Default Value

This testvar’s default value is computed dynamically and may not always be the value below. Please see the testvar’s description for details.


This parameter specifies the IP address assigned by CDRouter to the DUT’s WAN interface.

If not defined, this testvar defaults to the next address after wanIspIp. For example, if wanIspIp is then wanIspAssignIp would default to

If the DUT is directly connected to CDRouter on the same link or broadcast domain, this IP address must be on the same IP subnet as CDRouter’s WAN interface address as defined by the wanIspIp and wanIspMask testvars.

If the DUT and CDRouter are connected via one or more intermediate routers (including devices such as a CMTS, DSLAM, OLT, etc.), this address must NOT be on the same IP subnet as CDRouter’s WAN interface address. In such cases, the wanIspGateway testvar must be set to the address of the next-hop router interface that CDRouter should use to reach the DUT.



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