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testvar version 12.10

Value Type


Default Value

This testvar’s default value is computed dynamically and may not always be the value below. Please see the testvar’s description for details.



This parameter specifies the MAC address CDRouter will use for all packets originating from the WAN test interface. This value must be unique and cannot be set to the MAC address of the underlying physical interface specified by the testvar wanInterface. If not specified, a MAC address will be automatically generated using the OUI specified by the cdrouterOui testvar.

This testvar’s default value is computed using the WAN interface group number. For example, if wanMac is b0:75:0c:01:00:01 in the main testvar group, then wanMac would default to b0:75:0c:02:00:01 in the testvar group wan2, b0:75:0c:03:00:01 in the testvar group wan3, etc..



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