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testvar version 13.8

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This parameter specifies a user defined 802.11 packet capture filter in standard pcap-filter syntax.

This filter is used by CDRouter’s integrated 802.11 WiFi capture feature when testvar wifiCapture is set to a value of filter.

The value of wifiCaptureFilter should be wrapped in curly braces. A few example filters are provided below.

To capture only packets from a particular receiver address:

{wlan addr1 84c9b2630ff2}

To capture all data packets:

{wlan type data}

To capture all data packets to or from a particular OUI:

{wlan type data and ((wlan[4] == 0xb0 and wlan[5] == 0x75 and wlan[6]== 0x0c) or (wlan[10] == 0xb0 and wlan[11] == 0x75 and wlan[12]== 0x0c))}

To specify no filter at all, either leave this testvar commented out, or specify an empty filter:


With no capture filter, all wireless traffic will be captured. This could generate very large capture files and should be used with caution.

This testvar was added in CDRouter 11.1



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