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testvar version 12.19

Value Type


Accepted Values

GCMP-256 | CCMP-256 | GCMP-128 | CCMP-128 | TKIP | auto

Default Value



Specifies which RSN/WPA group key cipher suite to use with the DUT.

  • GCMP-256 - Galois Counter Mode Protocol, 256 bit (AES)
  • GCMP-128 - Galois Counter Mode Protocol, 128 bit (AES)
  • CCMP-256 - Counter Mode CBC-MAC Protocol, 256 bit (AES)
  • CCMP-128 - Counter Mode CBC-MAC Protocol, 128 bit (AES)
  • TKIP - Temporal Key Integrity Protocol

For a description of auto mode, please see this Knowledge Base article.



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