CDRouter Support


testvar version 13.8

Value Type


Accepted Values

RSN | WPA | WPA-Enterprise | WPA-Personal | WPA2-Enterprise | WPA2-Personal | WPA3-Enterprise | WPA3-Personal | auto

Default Value



This parameter specifies the 802.11 WPA protocol version used by the DUT.

  • auto - RSN and WPA
  • RSN - Robust Secure Network IEEE 802.11-2016
  • WPA - Wifi Protected Access IEEE 802.11i draft 3.0
  • WPA-Enterprise - Wifi Protected Access Enterprise: 802.1X, TKIP
  • WPA-Personal - Wifi Protected Access Personal: PSK, TKIP
  • WPA2-Enterprise - Wifi Protected Access 2 Enterprise: 802.1X, CCMP-128
  • WPA2-Personal - Wifi Protected Access 2 Personal: PSK, CCMP-128
  • WPA3-Enterprise - Wifi Protected Access 3 Enterprise: SUITE-B-192, GCMP-256, PMF
  • WPA3-Personal - Wifi Protected Access 3 Personal: SAE, CCMP-128, PMF

When this testvar is set to auto, RSN or WPA, CDRouter’s LAN client will attempt to associate to the DUT using the best connection available. The other values specify the fixed preset modes shown. For a more complete description of each mode, please see this Knowledge Base article.



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