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How to Reset NTA1000 Default Kernel

CDRouter is only supported on the Rocky Linux operating system (and previously on CentOS Linux), and requires an official QA Cafe kernel on the NTA1000 platform in order to properly support all of its testing features and functionality. Running CDRouter with an unsupported kernel could cause unexpected behavior and test failures.

Beginning in CDRouter 13.3, CDRouter will no longer execute tests if an unsupported kernel is detected. Launching a package will generate a test result with an Error status and the following message:

Fatal error while running start: NTA1000 is running an unsupported kernel '5.17.8-1.el8.elrepo.x86_64'

If you receive error messages like the one above, follow the steps below to reconfigure your system and load the official QA Cafe kernel that is supported by CDRouter.

You can access the NTA1000 CLI by connecting a keyboard and monitor directly to the system and opening a terminal window. Alternatively, you can connect via SSH from a remote system.

Once connected to the CLI, use the su command to access the root user account. The default root password is “cdrouter”:

[qacafe@nta1000 ~]$ su
[root@ nta1000 qacafe]# 

To reset the default kernel to an official QA Cafe kernel, first run the following command as root on the NTA1000 to get a listing of all kernels available on the system:

$ grubby --info ALL | grep title
title="Rocky Linux (5.17.8-1.el8.elrepo.x86_64) 8.5 (Green Obsidian)"
title="CentOS Linux (5.4.80-20201124.4b62454040ba.el8.qacafe.x86_64) 8 (Core)"

Identify the newest official QA Cafe kernel in the listing. Official QA Cafe kernels have .qacafe. in their name. Once you have identified the newest QA Cafe kernel, use the grub2-set-default command to set it as the default kernel. For example, to set the second kernel listed in the example listing above as the default kernel, run the following command:

$ grub2-set-default "CentOS Linux (5.4.80-20201124.4b62454040ba.el8.qacafe.x86_64) 8 (Core)"

Next, confirm that the default kernel is set correctly by running the following command and confirming that it prints out the kernel you just set with grub2-set-default:

$ grubby --info DEFAULT | grep title
title="CentOS Linux (5.4.80-20201124.4b62454040ba.el8.qacafe.x86_64) 8 (Core)"

Once you have confirmed that the default kernel has been reconfigured, reboot the NTA1000 to boot into the configured kernel:

$ reboot

Finally, once the NTA1000 has rebooted, print out the currently running kernel and ensure that it matches the kernel you configured with grub2-set-default and that it contains the string .qacafe.:

$ uname -r

At this point your default kernel is correctly configured and you can continue testing with CDRouter.