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Can I configure the RADIUS server to be on the LAN?

Yes. With CDRouter Multiport, an additional LAN interface may be configured to run a RADIUS server. The additional LAN interface must have a static IP address configured using the hostIp configuration. The global testvar radiusHost is used to enable the RADIUS server on this interface.

If the main CDRouter LAN interface is wireless and the RADIUS server will also be on the LAN, the testvar startOtherLanFirst should be configured to yes to force CDRouter to bring up the additional LAN interfaces before starting the main LAN interface. This allows the built-in RADIUS server to become operational before any wireless LAN interfaces are started.

Configuration example:

testvar radiusHost lan2
testvar enableRADIUSserver yes
testvar radiusSecret qacafe123
testvar startOtherLanFirst yes

# -- configure additional LAN interface for RADIUS server
testvar_group lan2 {

   # -- specify the physical interface
   testvar lanInterface eth3

   # -- configure a different MAC address
   testvar lanMac 00:00:cc:cc:01:02

   # -- mark the interface as ethernet
   testvar hostIp
   testvar hostMask

NOTE: The radiusHost address must match the testvar_group name on one of the additional LAN interfaces.