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Can I run tests that require multiple LAN clients on a single wireless interface?

Yes. CDRouter has support for wireless virtualization on the LAN. This feature allows multiple wireless clients to be created on the LAN using a single wireless interface. CDRouter can now run all tests, including the scaling modules, over a single wireless interface on select systems.

See our Testing Wifi Scalability with Wireless Station Virtualization Knowledge Base article for more details on configuring this feature in CDRouter.

Note that not all wireless interfaces and Linux kernel versions support virtualization of wireless interfaces. As a result, this feature is only available on the NTA1000 version 4 and newer. Please refer to this page to determine which version of NTA1000 you have. For more information on the NTA1000, please contact

Some devices may have a limit on the number of simultaneous wireless clients that can be associated. This maximum value can be configured using the testvar lanWirelessMaxClients . CDRouter will not exceed this maximum value when creating wireless clients during any particular test.