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Can I specify the SSL certificates used by CDRouter's firmware download server?

In some cases, CDRouter’s ACS may create a second HTTPS server which is used for the OD-128 HTTPS firmware download tests (OD128 Tests 8 .3 and 8.4).

The server certificate used by CDRouter’s download server can be configured using the testvar acsDownloadCertPath which defaults to the included server certificate

testvar acsDownloadCertPath /usr/cdrouter/tests/

The intermediate CA can also be specified for the download server using the testvar acsDownloadCaCertPath :

testvar acsDownloadCaCertPath /usr/cdrouter/tests/

CDRouter will utilize this new server certificate in certain cases only. In cases where the CWMP session transport (HTTP or HTTPS) is the same as the transport for the firmware download test being performed, the ACS is used as the download server. In cases where the CWMP session and firmware download test transport differ, a second download server will be automatically created.

OD-128 Firmware Download Server Functionality

The following table outlines the behavior of CDRouter when running the OD-128 firmware download tests (Test Cases 8.1 through 8.4):

CWMP Session Transport HTTP Firmware Download HTTPS Firmware Download
HTTP ACS acts as the download server A new HTTPS server is created
HTTPS A new HTTP server is created ACS acts as the download server

When CDRouter creates a new server an arbitrary IP address from the free network range defined by the following testvars will be used:

# -- Free network addresses to use during the test

testvar FreeNetworkStart
testvar FreeNetworkMask
testvar FreeNetworkStop

Note that CDRouter will also automatically add a DNS entry for the common name on the server certificate whenever a HTTPS server is created.