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Can I test TR-069 over IPv6?

Yes. To configure TR-069 over IPv6, the DUT must support IPv6 on the WAN and CDRouter’s ACS must be configured with an IPv6 address using the testvar acsIp :

testvar acsIp 3009::1

Note that URLs containing literal IPv6 addresses must enclose the IPv6 address in square brackets, as specified in RFC 3986. This may require ACS Server URL setting on the DUT to be updated appropriately. Examples:


Similarly, CDRouter’s default Connection Request URL may be specified using the IPv6 address of the DUT. Note that any square brackets in the IPv6 address must be escaped using one of the methods below in order for CDRouter’s configuration parser to interpret it correctly:

testvar acsCpeConnReqURL http://\[3001::2\]:80/cwmp

testvar acsCpeConnReqURL {http://[3001::2]:80/cwmp}

CDRouter’s TR-069 over IPv6 functionality requires both the CDRouter IPv6 and CDRouter TR-069 expansions.