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CWMP Protocol Version Negotiation

CDRouter’s ACS supports CWMP version negotiation as defined in TR-069 Amendment 6. CWMP version detection on CDRouter ACS’s can be enabled by configuring the testvar cwmpProtocolVersion to a value of auto in your configuration file. When auto is configured, CDRouter’s ACS runs a CWMP version 1.4 capable ACS, but follows TR-069 Amendment 6 Section 3.7.4 rules for negotiating the CWMP Version.

For CWMP versions 1.0 - 1.3, the ACS looks at the value of the CWMP namespace attribute included in the SOAP Envelope to determine the CWMP version.


CWMP version 1.4 defines a new SupportedCWMPVersions header element that is included in the Inform to specify the CPE’s supported versions. When present, the ACS will look at this parameter and pick the highest version supported.

The testvar cwmpProtocolVersion can also be set to a specific version number such as the 1.0 (the default), 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4. When set to a specific version, the CDRouter ACS will not perform version negotiation and instead will just reply using the CWMP namespace defined for the specific CWMP version.