Enabling HTTPS for CDRouter's web UI

By default CDRouter’s web UI is accessible over HTTP and HTTPS using the standard ports. These settings can be modified by editing the /usr/cdrouter-data/etc/config.yml file on the system.

The port flag specifies the port used for HTTP connections:

port: 80

Likewise, the https flag specifies the port used for HTTPS connections:

https: 443

Incoming HTTP connections can be forced to HTTPS by setting the force_https flag:

force_https: "yes"

The web server will use a self-signed certificate for all HTTPS connections unless otherwise configured. To use alternate certificates, a single file named server.crt containing the server certificate and any required intermediate CAs and a file named server.key containing the private key must be copied into the /usr/cdrouter-data/etc/ directory.

Note that the CDRouter service should be stopped before making any changes to the configuration of the web server.