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Pausing CDRouter during testing

CDRouter can be configured to automatically pause at various points during the test run, and require a signal from the user before continuing. This is useful in some troubleshooting situations to allow more time for analysis and troubleshooting while a test run in in progress.

Manually pausing CDRouter

In the CDRouter web interface, the “Pause” button allows you to pause the test run at the end of the current test, or the end of the test loop if multiple loops are configured.

Enabling ‘pause mode’

It is also possible to run CDRouter in pause mode, which automatically pauses the test run at the end of every test. Pause mode is enabled by setting the “Pause between tests” checkbox option in the test package, or adding the -pause option to the “cdrouter-cli” command string:


cdrouter-cli -module nat.tcl -pause

Creating break points in custom test cases

When running in pause mode, CDRouter will automatically stop at each buddy::pause procedure that is called from a test case. The user is prompted to hit the Enter key before the test continues. While the test suite waits for user input, the event loop continues to execute. This allows protocols such as PPP, PPPoE, and DHCP to continue to run. When not running in pause mode, CDRouter ignores the buddy::pause procedures when the test case is executed.

New buddy::pause procedures can be added to a test case to create new break points. The buddy::pause procedure can be called with an optional text message.


proc mytestcase_1 { testNum } {
    global lanStack remoteHost

    buddy::pause "About to start test mytestcase_1"

    # -- perform actual test