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How do I convert from a Java keystore certificate to .pem format?

To convert a Java keystore certificate to .pem format, follow these steps:

  • Download and run the KeyTool

  • Export the private key and certificate chains file from the keystore to a .pem file. This can be done by selecting Export > Keystore's Entry > Private Key from the KeyTool IUI. Choose a target private key file and a target certificate chains file, and select .pem as the export format for both. Note that you will need to know the keystore password in order to perform the extraction.

  • Using a text editor, append the private key file to the certificate chains file.

  • Verify that the resulting certificate is readable via openssl as described in this Knowledge Base article: How do I display the contents of a SSL certificate?

You should now have a .pem formatted certificate which you can use with CDRouter. For more information on using alternate certificates with CDRouter, please see this Knowledge Base article: How do I use my own certificates for CDRouter’s ACS?